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Kia Improves After Sales With Digital Initiatives And Contactless Programme

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Kia Motors India is promising its customers a complete contactless, paperless aftersales and personalized vehicle service ownership experience. This entails an ‘Advanced Pick and Drop’ programme, ensuring highest customer safety with a no-contact pick-up and drop service and live vehicle tracking in a completely paperless process. Aimed at offering an exceptional ownership experience, Kia Motors India is also launching a new ‘My Convenience’ service initiative, which offers personalized vehicle maintenance to its customers. With both these initiatives, the company aims to redefine the after-sales experience by personalizing and digitizing the service process to facilitate an enhanced user experience. These customer-centric ownership experience initiatives reiterate the brand’s aftersales identity of ‘Promise to Care’ offering a seamless and hassle-free ownership experience.

Advanced Pick and Drop programme:

Inspired by South Korea’s concept of ‘Untact’ which means ‘without direct contact’, the programme makes the entire aftersales process contactless including the vehicle pick-up and drop service as well. The initiative is aimed towards rendering the services without any in-person contact, ensuring utmost safety and hygiene for customers. With this initiative, Kia Motors India becomes the first car manufacturer in the country to offer a complete contactless aftersales process. The key differentiators of the initiative are:

· Drivers to use Protective seat cover, Protection Kit

· Relevant documents like company ID and Visiting card of the driver to be shared with customers prior to pick-up

· Pick and drop process to be carried through app-based paperless service

· SMS alerts to customers at various stages

· Map-based live vehicle tracking for customers on their mobile phone for every scheduled vehicle pick-up or drop

My Convenience

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In an attempt to personalise the vehicle servicing process for its customers, Kia Motors India introduces an innovative service program ‘My Convenience’ under the aftersales identity of ‘Promise to Care’. The initiative enables the customers to personalise their servicing packages according to their needs. In addition to this, the initiative also offers inflation protection, the highest level of transparency and flexibility to our patrons. While availing of this service, the customer makes two choices, the first being the Pre-Paid Maintenance (PPM) and the second is the Care Pack (Car Care Services) as per specific requirements.

1. Pre-Paid Maintenance (PPM): The PPM gives coverage of Kia Genuine Parts, Oils & Labour services as per recommended periodic maintenance schedule and is based on the years and mileage coverage of the car. The customers also get complimentary services like Wheel Alignment, Balancing and Tyre Rotation once in a year based on their package choice. While availing the package, customers get upfront savings & price protection from inflation. The PPM comes in four packages to choose from:

a. 2 Years / 20,000 Kms

b. 3 Years / 30,000 Kms

c. 4 Years / 40,000 Kms

d. 5 Years / 50,000 Kms

2. Care Pack (Care Care Services): The other component of the ‘My Convenience’ service initiative is the Care Pack which is aimed to cater to the personalised needs of the customers. The customer needs to choose one out of the four unique packages of Car Pack – Preventive Care, Fresh Care, and AC Care & Hygiene Care. Each package consists of two services that customers can avail once in their service duration. The Car Care Services covered under each pack are:

Preventive Care

Fresh Care

AC Care

Hygiene Care

· Underbody Coating

· Interior Enrichment

· AC Evaporator Cleaning

· Fumigation

· Rodent Repellent

· Exterior Enrichment

· AC Disinfectant

· Carbon Air Filter


In addition to this, the customer also gets a complimentary alloy/wheel care service and an additional 10% discount for the other car care services if availed during the program duration. To avail the program, customers can follow a simple 5 step process at Kia outlets both at the time of Sales & Service while the purchase window for customers to avail the program is anytime up to 1 year/10,000 Kms of any Kia vehicle.

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