Komaki XGT X5 Electric Scooter For Elderly And Specially-abled Launched


Komaki has taken the EV market by storm in the last two quarters with a stellar sales performance across models. The growth of the EV division was driven by a nationwide expansion with multiple dealerships coming up in the northern and southern states of India. The growing adoption of EVs is visible among the masses as is indicated by the sales figures in the last two quarters. A total of 21,000 units have already been sold in the first half of 2021 – testimony to the growth pace of the EV manufacturer.

Komaki realises that smart mobility is needed more by the elderly and the specially-abled. Travelling needs to be made convenient, comfortable and affordable for both strata such that they can commute with relative ease. The EV division, with a special focus on fulfilling these needs, released a dedicated model recently in the market, the XGT X5, to help the elderly and the specially-abled commute comfortably and worry-free. Komaki has enhanced the safety features on this model with the Mechanical Parking Feature which prevents this smart two-wheeler from becoming involved in an accident.

Over 1000 units of the XGT X5 have already been sold to elderly and specially-abled citizens, indicating that a dedicated mobility option was much needed. The model is available across all dealerships in India and can be booked online for free following which the nearest dealership will initiate contact with the buyer. All Komaki models can be purchased by availing the EMI facility such that the financial burden is reduced during these trying times.

Komaki XGT-X5..

The XGT X5 comes in two attractive colours – red and grey. Komaki is also cognizant of the fact that the skyrocketing fuel prices are burning a hole in consumers’ pockets and it is impacting the elderly with greater severity. Empathising with this growing sentiment, the EV manufacturer has packed a punch into the XGT X5 with a blistering range of 80-90 kilometres in a single charge.

The model is compatible with both – VRLA gel batteries and lithium-ion batteries. The fully equipped XGT X5 comes fitted with regenerative braking systems for enhanced safety and a repair switch that quickly fixes the problems identified during the self-diagnosis so that riders can safely reach their destinations. This model is as advanced as all the other Komaki releases and the EV manufacturer has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the users of this model have a delightful riding experience.

As a leading Electric Vehicle manufacturer, we feel that it is our responsibility to serve the people of this country without leaving anyone behind. We stand by our vision of creating a clean and green India as we embark upon newer journeys to delight our customers. We believe in investing in the happiness of the people, knowing they will continue to support us wherever we set our foot”, says Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Vehicle Division.

XGT-X5-(72V24AH) (Mileage 80-90km/ charge) Scooter ex showroom Rs 90,500

XGT-X5 GEL – (Mileage 80-90km/ charge) Scooter ex showroom 72,500

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