KTM DUKE 790 Prototype Was Designed With Knifes To Look Like A Knife!


KTM DUKE 790 Prototype is so sharp and aggressive that it will most likely slice through its competition like ‘warm knife through butter’

We are sorry, but we couldn’t help ourselves from phrasing something like that. The KTM Duke 790 is all what you need from a middle weight bike. A low kerb weight, a lot of power and endless wheelies. On the face of it is is bare bones KTM Duke streetfighter that we have seen in motorcycles like the KTM Duke 125, 200 and 390. This new model will reach far more wider audience and will compete with hardcore rivals such as Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki along with Ducati. These rivals have products in this area which have been there for quite some time and sold like bread and butter.


KTM needed a knife cut through all of this and that is exactly what they have designed. An ultra sharp looking motorcycle that has pointy edges that will make sure you keep it away from your toddlers. The way the design cuts off at the rear. The subframe which points towards the sky, the face that looks straight and has a nose which cannot get more pointier. Sharp tank panels along with a long swingarm makes it look it like a bike that is clearly from the future.


Motor wise we will see a revolutionary parallel-twin engine that will displace around 800cc, as said before by KTM. Power will be around 80-90 BHP and will be the lightest bike in its class, confirmed by KTM long time back. Expect electronics and ride-by-wire system along with a host of features embedded in the clocks to make sure it stands out even more and offers more volume. The bike is most likely to be made in India and will come at a price tag that could be really mouth-watering.

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  1. Samarth Singh says

    Only one question: How to send money to Bajaj Auto, because, just Take my Money!!!!

    I own a Duke 390, and even if I had a chance to exchange it with something else around the same segment, I won’t.

    My expectation is good gadgetry, refinement, low end torque ensuring 6th gear speed range of 40-240 kmph, wheelies, etc and a price tag of Rs. 5 lacs or so.
    And of course, Made in India. 🙂

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