KTM Employees Rev the Hell Out Of Their OWN New 2017 Duke Motorcycles – DRAMATIC FOOTAGE


KTM Employees Rev the Hell Out Of Their OWN New 2017 Duke Motorcycles Why? Obviously it would make for a GREAT SELFIE VIDEO

In this age of phones with camera which has a front facing unit as well, people do anything to be a number one and absolute narcissist. This crosses boundaries and people go ahead and do things which makes them look cool, gets them ‘love’ and ‘likes’ from their friends. A selfie with the new burger in town, a selfie with the sea behind and the person standing on the edge, a selfie with a dead relative and so on and so forth. All of this done to make sure they get the tag of that their the number one ‘self’ lover in the world.

Obviously, this isn’t lifestyle website where we discuss all of this, this is a motorcycle and car website and despite that we discuss the same today! Why? Because a bunch of hooligans, which are most likely KTM employees themselves who look from a dealership in South India have done exactly the same. Just to make themselves look cool, they ended up recording a video, obviously in ‘selfie mode’ a revved the hell of brand new KTM Duke 250 and Duke 390 in the back of the showroom.

Hoolligans in KTM Showroom

WTF is going on with New KTM 390 2017 In their Showrooms.This is how they treat New bikes in their showrooms.Shame KTM india …You must take strict action against these HOOLIGANS working in your showrooms.Share as much as you can…Video source: God's Own RiderZ

Posted by Xtreme Moto Adventure on miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

This footage is being said to come from Trivandrum KTM Kerala. The bikes being launched couple of months back and being treated like something which can quantified at this time moment and today’s age, is downright shocking. This act could be done because this could be their last day at the job and also because this act of barbarism was intended by the makers to go viral on the internet in the first place. KTM Employees Rev the Hell Out of their own motorcycles for reasons like this? Raises a lot of questions. We hope KTM India takes strict action ASAP and brings justice and to their own motorcycles and controls the nature of its employees which could end up damage the reputation of the brand which means to cater a large set of premium bike owners in the country.

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