KYMCO SuperNEX Electric Superbike is Fantastic!

KYMCO SuperNEX Electric Superbike looks great and promises blistering acceleration while being green

Kwang Yang Motor Corporation Limited (KYMCO) is a well-known name in the two-wheeler industry. The company has an association with Kawasaki and BMW for manufacturing engines and sharing technology across the platforms. Recently, KYMCO has also partnered with Twenty Two Motors from India to create a holistic electric mobility architecture in the country.

However, this time KYMCO is in the news for presenting its electric supersport project, called superNEX at EICMA Event. And just within minutes of its reveal, the superNEX became one of the hottest concepts bikes at the event by setting all the tongues wagging.

KYMCO SuperNEX components have been sourced from Brembo and Ohlins. The electric bike comes with Oz alloy wheels wrapped with equally impressive Metzeler Racetec tyres. The KYMCO SuperNEX looks absolutely stunning in the flesh and the best part that despite being electric, the motorcycle has got a six-speed gearbox and a tunable audio system. The later means that one can customize the sound the bike makes – that’s really super cool!

In addition, KYMCO SuperNEX boasts high level of performance credentials with bike achieving 0-100 kmph in 2.9s, 0-200 kmph in 7.5s, and 0-250 kmph in 10.9s. In sum, this super sport electric bike has everything one can ask for.

At the moment, no details are available about the KYMCO SuperNEXengine specifications, power output, peak torque, battery, charging time, kerb-weight etc. The aura of KYMCO SuperNEX at the event is entirely different and this futuristic electric bike has succeeded in impressing the visitors to the hilt. KYMCO has used the occasion to gauge the visitors’ response towards the superNEX project and the highly enthusiastic feedback from all quarters is sure to put to the commercialization of the project on the Fast Track. Do let us know what you think of this electric bike in the comment section below.

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