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LMl Announces Land Brought At Delhi Mumbai Expressway For EV Park

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LMl announces that it has acquired land in Haryana, which is located just off the Delhi Mumbai Expressway, on the main highway from Gurgaon to Alwar. It is a 65-minute drive from Rajiv Chowk. This development marks a significant milestone for LML as it solidifies its commitment to expanding the company’s operations and promoting sustainable mobility solutions in India.

The newly acquired land will serve as the foundation for LML’s state-of-the-art EV industrial park. This park aims to revolutionize the EV manufacturing landscape by combining cutting-edge technology, innovation, and sustainable practices under one roof. The industrial park will be specifically dedicated to its upcoming LML’s e-scooters.

In early 2022, the company entered into a strategic partnership with Saera Electric Auto, the former manufacturing partner of Harley Davidson in India to produce its electric two-wheelers and the production has been successfully taking place at the facility. However, the recent development will enable the brand to foster collaboration and growth within the EV ecosystem.

Commenting on the same, Dr. Yogesh Bhatia, Managing Director and CEO of LML, said “We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of this land in Haryana, as it will serve as the foundation for our ambitious EV industrial park. With this progress, we aim to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in India while fostering partnerships with like-minded organizations.”

This facility will have a well-equipped skill development centre for training local youth in EV technology. Trainees would be absorbed in LML as per merit.

“We look forward to creating an ecosystem that nurtures innovation, sustainability, and economic growth.” he further added.

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Commenting on the same, Sh. Dhirendra Khadgata, Deputy Commissioner Nuh Haryana said “We congratulate LML on this remarkable accomplishment! This Electric Vehicle Industrial Park in our state will benefit our region in an economic and environmental sense and create numerous employment opportunities for skilled workers. We are looking forward to working with LML to complement our goal of a greener and more developed technology future.”

LML will invite ancillary unit partners and other potential partners to join them on this transformative journey. The park will provide a conducive environment for these partners to establish their component manufacturing units, enabling them to contribute to the production and advancement of LML’s upcoming e-vehicle.

By establishing the EV industrial park in Haryana, LML aims to leverage the region’s rich talent pool and robust infrastructure to create a hub for sustainable mobility solutions. This strategic location will enable LML to streamline its operations, optimize supply chains, and further enhance the efficiency of its manufacturing processes.

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