Maharashtra Two Wheeler Registration Prices Up For All Classes


Maharashtra Two Wheeler Registration prices go up at a time when the superbike and two-wheeler market is flourishing in state

Clearly, the government mantra here is to remove cash from every possible way when it comes today’s time. After launching and applying various taxes on various things, the registration prices are up for two-wheelers in the state only. It is only Maharashtra which has come up with raising prices as other states are stuck with their respective prices. Sure, the super bike manufacturers and dealers are found in bulk in Maharashtra itself.

This idea and implementation comes at a time when the two-wheeler market is flourishing. This is the only state which has the highest amount of drought hit farmers and villagers who do buy two-wheelers as their mode of transport. Why burden every one, the rich and poor at the same time, when you just take it one party. The taxes percentage is high and that is the point major disappointment.

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The two wheeler prices for 99, 100-200cc and 300cc motorcycles were 7% flat. Now they are 8,9 and 10 percent for 99cc, 100-200cc and 300cc respectively. High rates also imply for these motorcycle category even if they are CKD’s. However, the CBU and CKD which are above the 10 lakh rupee mark are hit the most as they will be charged 20% registration charges alone.

The companies are also charged with 110% import duty for some machines and this 10% more take while registration won’t go down well with prospective buyers who, some times spend their life time of accounted money on a motorcycle they love. Obviously there is no case of rolling back thanks to the corporate culutre seen, where as fuel prices have been recalled, this won’t we will have to bare for it and ask manufacturers to get us more affordable middle weight motorcycles.

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