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Mahindra and Ola Cabs Join Hands For Providing Services To Drivers And Increase Sales

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Mahindra and Ola Cabs Join Hands to provide better service to drivers and benefit each other cause by increasing vehicles/cabs on the road

Mahindra as a manufacturer has been known for it’s SUV’s and its presence in the fleet market. All changed post launch the XUV and the upcoming MPV will change it even further. However, today Mahindra and Ola are joining hands to do a lot more to mobility. Both parties claim that through this strategic alliance, they aim overall vehicle sales and financing of over US$ 400 million which is Rs. 2,600 crores.

On the flip side Ola’s driver partners can now avail of an integrated and attractive ‘Mahindra-Ola’ package. This will include Mahindra cars at special prices, attractive financing with zero down payment, and the best NBFC interest rates, subsidized insurance premiums, comprehensive maintenance packages, as well as exclusive benefits on the Ola platform as well.

Mahindra and Ola claim that this initiative will have a positive social impact on the lives and of 40,000 driver owners and their families and more people who apply for the program. Part of the package includes supporting drivers with accident insurance and scholarships for their children as well.

All in all Ola and Mahindra partnership can be termed as an investment on both sides for now. Mahindra will lend their cars to the brand for more sales and Ola will use it to drive more business on both sides, the company and as well as the client side. Win-win situation indeed.

Mahindra denies claim of investing money in Ola any time soon and the companies are clearly waiting for electric cars to get cheaper and said that the combustion engine will continue and so will private buying. However, cabs around the world and in India have to go electric if the entire eco-system surrounding with just this plain idea of people commuting from one place to other works just right, which includes various formalities and factors.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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