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Mahindra KUV 100 Electric Spotted Testing – Launch Next Year

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Mahindra KUV 100 Electric Spotted Testing will offer 200 kms range to make it a proper city slicker

Mahindra is readying an electric variant of its compact SUV, the KUV1OO that will be launched in the market by the end of 2018. The top echelon of the company has also confirmed that all future SUVs from the Mahindra’s stable will get an electric variant in their range. The company is quite optimistic about the adoption of electric vehicles in India and determined to remain at the forefront of this sustainable mobility campaign. This explains why the company has decided to have an electric variant in all its future offerings with KUV1OO being the first off the blocks.

Earlier this year, Mahindra revealed its plan to develop electric powertrains for its future models. Without delving the finer details, the company confided the engines will have output ranging between 41bhp and 204bhp. This will help the Mahindra’s next-generation electric vehicles to be on par with their IC-engine counterparts in terms of performance output. Mahindra will also use high-capacity batteries to boost the range of its electric offerings as fear of running out of the charge is the most critical stumbling block in the adoption of electric mobility.

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Just so you know, today Mahindra is the only credible manufacturer offering electric cars in India. It offers e2O electric hatchback and Verito electric Sedan though the higher prices of both the cars are deterring the buyers from taking a plunge. That said, Mahindra is hopeful that prices will drop at least by 20% in the next two years as the company is enhancing the localization in the production of the vehicle batteries. The integration of power electronics and automation in the manufacturing are going to help cost further. Now whether all these steps will have a positive impact on the prices of upcoming electric version of KUV 1OO, only time will tell.

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