MEE Wallet App 100% digital payment enabled app Launched – Cashless Payments For Bio-Diesel Fuel

MEE Wallet App 100% digital payment will make things easier while re-fuelling for its customers

Indizel is the only 2nd generation HBD (Hydrogenated Bio Diesel), carefully designed and engineered to outperform conventional diesel and is India’s only EN-590:2013 quality standards & EURO 6 emission norms compliant fuel. EURO 6 emission norms are stricter than BS VI and is considered internationally as the highest standard to check the emissions of fuel.

Indizel is significantly different & advanced from the 1st generation of Bio Diesel, and falls under the advanced Drop-In Bio-Fuel, of National Bio-Fuel Policy. Meeting such high-quality standards, Indizel ensures that you don’t have to compromise on the performance, safety & warranties of your vehicle or the health of our planet.

‘My Own Eco Energy Pvt Ltd’ (MEE) which is an ISO 9001:2015 certified renewable fuel company and is engaged in the marketing of the most advanced Bio Fuel for Diesel Engines with the brand name ‘Indizel’. Currently the only EURO 6 and BS VI compliant bio-automotive fuel for diesel engines in India, making Indizel the cleanest fuel available in the Indian market.

Indizel-100% digital-payment

A key development took place today towards the mission of Digital India, that is going to reshape and realign the cash transaction dominated & non-automated fuel retailing industry. To achieve The Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision for Digital India, to bring transparency & accountability, MEE Wallet App, India’s first 100% digital payment enabled app that allows completely cashless fuelling, was launched by Mr. Ratan P. Watal, Member Secretary, Economic Advisory Council to Hon’ble Prime Minister, & Principal Advisor – Niti Aayog, at MEE fuel station, Khalapur, near Mumbai on Tuesday the 21st of August 2018. Mr. K. Rajeshwara Rao Advisor, Economic Advisory Council, graced the occasion.

Fuelling industry has been traditionally a cash transaction-based industry. In the past decade, companies have tried to shift to non-cash / digitised route with the introduction of fuel cards and EDC machines but none of them were able to build an entire end to end digitised process. First in the country, MEE fuel stations are unique as they offer complete user control, providing a fully automated fueling experience where every drop filled is accounted for because of end to end automation implemented by MEE. There is both quantity as well as quality assurance, personalized & priority services and user control through the MEE Wallet App, enabling the consumers to load, fuel & track the billing and usage on the phone, eradicating the filler – driver syndicate or other ways of pilferages and fuel adulterations.

Baroda - Halol - Indizel

MEE Wallet app facilitates completely cashless fuelling, self-service and end to end user control at the fully digitized MEE fuel station.

MEE fuel stations will retail the company’s flagship renewable fuel for diesel engines, Indizel. Indizel is an ultra-premium renewable fuel that complies with EN 590 & BIS 1461 quality standards and BS VI and EURO 6 emission norms. Being EN 590 compliant Indizel can be used in all diesel engines without any engine modification or blending limits, ensuring engine warrantees. It is the most efficient and cleanest fuel for diesel engine available in India outperforming all traditional & premium diesel fuels, in power, performance, mileage, engine life, economy and emissions.

As per the latest amendment to the National Policy on Biofuels in May 2018, Indizel falls under the category of drop-in fuel for diesel engines.

Priced at normal diesel rates, Indizel comes with a GST benefit of 12% for GST registered customers which can help them save up to Rs 9 per litre. As a special introductory offer Indizel will be sold at Rs. 3/- discounted price as compared to the normal diesel price of each area.

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