Mercedes-Benz Advance Assurance program Takes Extended Warranty To An Whole New Level!


Mercedes-Benz Advance Assurance program for cars will be available in 3 options, namely 4th Year, 4th & 5th Year and for 4th, 5th and 6th Year.

Mercedes-Benz India continues to offer best Customer Experience to its discerning patrons. Today, with the launch of the ‘Advanced Approved Programme’ promises to drive value to a new as well as an existing customer. This unique product will enhance the vehicle ownership experience even further beyond the standard warranty tenure of 3 years. Key features of Advanced Assurance Programme introduced are many benefits and features for the customer that become applicable after the completion of the standard 3 year warranty (2 year standard warranty + 1 year STAR CARE).

Flexibility on offer with these extended warranty programmes can be purchased anytime before the completion of the 3rd year of ownership. There is also an exit clause available with these programmes where a customer can exit if he wishes to within the standard warranty period. The Advanced Assurance Programme significantly reduces the extended warranty price when compared to the existing programmes. The ‘Advanced Assurance Programme’ for the all New LWB E-Class for instance is Rs. 66,000 which is 18% lesser than the existing extended warranty programmes.

The aggressive pricing is a result of high product confidence and in-depth knowledge of the Indian driving behaviors using big data analysis and reinforces Mercedes-Benz’s low cost of ownership proposition. Advanced Assurance Programme features unlimited mileage warranty and sold to non-commercial customers only. These programmes are also transferable to the second and later owners. Plus, serviceability of the vehicle under this programme is pan-India.

‘Assured Advance Programme’ Online Calculator that comes with Programme’ is available at the Mercedes-Benz India’s official website that allows customers to calculate the price based upon the selected Model and Age. This also allows customer to view the prices for the selected model across all age and segment in the same screen. Additionally, the email functionality of the calculator allows the customer to get a quick estimate of the product as per the choice. The online calculator will drive immense value to a customer enabling to get price estimation for his selected product of choice, even before touching base with the dealership.

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