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Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Partners With ADAM

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Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) has partnered with Mercedes-Benz India to introduce the all-new EV module in its Advanced Diploma Automotive Diploma (ADAM) course offered at R.V. College of Engineering in Bengaluru. MBRDI has also contributed a high-tech EV lab to upskill the talent pool in the country and support the industry as it transitions towards electric mobility.

Driven by the idea of delivering world-class training, and an opportunity for experiential learning using cutting-edge technology, Manu Saale, MD and CEO of MBRDI, Shekhar Bhide, Vice-President, Customer Services and Corporate Affairs at Mercedes-Benz India, Dr. M.P. Shyam, President of RSST, and Dr. K. N. Subramanya, Principal, RVCE Bengaluru, launched the one-year upgraded comprehensive EV module and inaugurated the first-of-its-kind EV Lab on campus.

Speaking at the occasion, Manu Saale, Managing Director and CEO, MBRDI, said, “The Indian automotive industry is swiftly transitioning from traditional vehicles to Electric Vehicles. This transformation is projected to be accompanied by considerable changes in technology, manufacturing methods, and consumption patterns. To establish a sustainable and lucrative EV environment, a strong and future-ready workforce is crucial.

Through this enhanced program and with the access to an EV Lab, we are looking forward to providing an immersive and experiential learning opportunity with the hope to empower and inspire students to learn and innovate for the future of smart and sustainable mobility.”

The EV module will be a part of a 12-month Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics (ADAM) course, which is a one-of-its-kind public-private collaborative effort aimed at imparting a holistic understanding of the latest cutting-edge EV technologies, at par with global industry standards. The all- new EV Lab is equipped with All cutting-edge technology and simulation dynamics of EV to provide live demonstrations and training to build the talent pool and support the ecosystem.

Shekhar Bhide, Vice-President, Customer Services and Corporate Affairs, Mercedes-Benz India, commented, “Electric is the future, and it is imperative that we drive ahead with upskilling and re-skilling initiatives for our talent pool, making them industry ready and create a robust e-mobility ecosystem. The new enhanced EV module of the ADAM course leverages Mercedes-Benz’s global expertise to impart world-class training to our young generation who is aspiring for an automotive career. There is a need for the present academic curriculum to be in sync with the rapid transition and evolving requirements of the Indian EV Industry. With the introduction of the enhanced EV module, we are addressing this specific requirement to support transition to e-mobility.

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Partners With ADAM

Our continued association with RVCE, Bengaluru is a testament to our commitment to promote a culture of diversity that offers equal opportunities to young aspirants to excel in the field of automotive mechatronics. We are confident that the introduction of the enhanced EV module jointly with MBRDI will be beneficial, making their skillset highly sought after for the emerging requirements of the automotive industry.”

Automotive Mechatronics is a life-cycle activity that involves the multidisciplinary integration of automotive mechanical and electronic systems. This unique course provides vocational competence that enables students to learn modern automotive technology and make them skilled personnel in the global market.

Dr. M. P. Shyam, President, RSST said, “We are delighted that the first enhanced EV Module in an ADAM course is introduced at RVCE. As the automotive industry is witnessing a demand for EV-trained workforce, this module will provide our students with an edge over competition and create good career opportunities. Since its inception in 2018, the ADAM course at RVCE has met with unparalleled success among the students in our institute who are keen on making a career in automobile industry. The hands- on, practical training experience has proved to be a boon for their learning as well as job prospects.”

Dr. K N Subramanya, Principal, RV College of Engineering commented, “We are committed to provide quality technical education and skills by creating infrastructure with the collaboration of world known luxury brand automotive manufacturer. We are pleased that a high-end Electric Vehicle Engineering laboratory is established with the joint efforts of MBRDI and MBIL. Addition of EV to ADAM is sure to

enrich the curriculum and benefits our ADAM graduates for enhancing their career prospects. We ensure that we will deliver the industry expected skills to the students with the new EV module.”

The enhanced EV module will be a part of a 12-month Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics (ADAM) course, a unique public-private partnership initiative aimed to upskill students with the latest technological advancements. The module will impart knowledge about the advanced level of systems in the vehicle, awareness about the HV System & its measurements, along with personal & vehicle safety. It will also provide an opportunity for the students to get hands-on practical expertise in EV technologies as well.

Introduced in 2006, ADAM course is an initiative by Mercedes-Benz has been successfully operational in nine technical institutions in various cities across the country. It offers practical insights into the advanced level of systems in the vehicle, awareness about the HV system and its measurements, along with personal and vehicle safety. This initiative has shown 100% result and employability since its initiation. Till date, over 1,200 students have benefited from the ADAM course, with many of them achieving successful industry placements.

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