Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Bajaj Dominar 160 & 200 Launched In Brazil – Rebranded Pulsar NS!

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Bajaj Auto remains a top exporter of motorcycles from India and the company has substantial operations globally spanning multiple markets. The bike maker is quite popular in the Latin American markets and recently introduced the new Dominar range in Brazil. However, don’t be surprised if the Brazilian-spec looks different from the India-spec Dominar. That is because the Brazilian Dominar is actually rebranded Pulsar NS160 and NS200.

Bajaj Auto has launched the Dominar 160 and Dominar 200 in Brazilian, which is the Pulsar NS160 and NS200 motorcycles sold in India. The bikes are essentially the same as the Indian version barring the upgraded USD front forks instead of the telescopic units. It’s unclear as to why the Pulsar NS160 and NS200 have been rebranded under the Dominar moniker. However, it is likely to bring all models under one name umbrella for the market. Bajaj also retails the Dominar 400, which is the same as the India-spec model in Brazil as well.

For Brazil, the Bajaj Dominar 160 and Dominar 200 get refreshed graphics, a new 3D logo on the fuel tank and front mudguard, new Grimeca-branded brake calipers, and a 0.1 Nm bump of peak torque output.

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It’s likely that the company would want to introduce the new generation Pulsar range in Brazil at some point and would want a different identity for the new Pulsars. Hence, it would be easier to rebrand the older generation Pulsars in the market extending their life there. While both the Pulsar NS160 and the new Pulsar N160 co-exist in India, the same may not be the case in Brazil.

What’s odd is the positioning of the Dominar name in the Bajaj stable. The brand stands for a power cruiser than a street fighter, which the Pulsars have traditionally been. Moreover, the Dominar 400 also boasts a larger capacity motor and its most affordable iteration gets a 250cc engine.

That said, the new branding will help give the Bajaj Pulsar NS range a new life in Brazil while it gets stays alive as RS and NS in India. Bajaj has already launched the N160 and N250, while the more affordable Pulsar 150 was recently upgraded to the Pulsar P150.

bajaj-pulsar-ns-2023-brazil-india (1)

Let’s see what Bajaj does post March-April 2023 with RS and NS models in India. Do they also get the same name change in India? Will the next generation Dominar 400 will be street naked as well, which every thought it would be in the first place. Every one wished for a Pulsar 400 when the first Dominar 400 came in 2017. Remember? Mechanical changes just like the Brazil market can follow here too!

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