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Mercedes Rolls Out Half A Million Units Of G-Wagon In Iconic Shade

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500,000th model of the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Class rolled off the production line in Graz, Austria today. Dubbed as the veteran off-roader in the automotive industry, which has won many accolades as the “best off-road vehicle in the world”, has been winning hearts and minds since 1979.

The G-Class cult status among its surprisingly growing fan community even today. Mercedes is responsible for keeping the icon going strong with every change. This is also primarily due to its unique combination of distinctive and outstanding design and capability.

The anniversary vehicle reminds me of the one-off 280 GE from the 1986 model year, from which the 500,000th unit produced here gets its iconic design elements. This includes the exterior colour and the seat pattern. The G-Class 45th production anniversary is set to come up in 2024 too.

The historic paint in agave green, one of the first paint colours available for the G-Class, is things getting as iconic as it gets. The turn signals shape has remained the same to this day, however, on the anniversary vehicle, the cover is the same but, the turn indicators feature a shade of orange no longer used today, i.e., the look typical of 1970s automobiles. The ones today are clear lens indicators.

The iconic spare at the back with the wheel cover with the Mercedes logo, which is significantly larger than what is seen on today’s models. The brand badge on the rear door and the 5-spoke sterling silver wheel also are put on this unit just like in the early days of the G-Class.

500.000. Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse: Produktionsjubiläum für eine Marken-IkoneThe 500,000th Mercedes-Benz G-Class: The production anniversary of a brand icon

On the inside, the middle section of the seat used to be upholstered in the chequered fabric typical and this unit also gets the same! While the grab handle on the passenger side now features the lettering “No. 500,000” in agave green. The “Schöckl” door sill trim is borrowed from the G manufaktur’s current customisation range. The logo embossing from the logo package is available today as well. However, this is available in silver but in the anniversary model, it is black.

S-Class and the E-Class, the G-Class are one of the longest-produced car model series in Mercedes-Benz history. Back in the spring of 1979, customers could choose between four engine variants with a power range from 53 kW/72 hp to 110 kW/150 hp. Both short-wheelbase cabriolets and short- or long-wheelbase station wagons were available.

The G-Class has established itself from a purely commercial vehicle to a lifestyle object in the last four decades. The G-Glass remains for the super-rich who want some serious road presence.

This has been possible because it has retained its distinctive design and capability to this date. Needless to say, the capability includes allwheel drive and differential locks with a 100 per cent locking effect. The G_Wagon even gets an old-school ladder frame today just like how it did all this time. Design elements have also stayed the same such as the round headlamps, and the rear-mounted spare wheel on the side-hinged rear door that still sounds like a tank door! The Detroit Auto Show in 2018 saw the G-Wagon getting headlamps with LED technology, modern driver assistance systems, a modern interior and a new chassis.

2018 saw Mercedes using the slogan “Stronger than Time” and Mercedes says it will apply it in the future as well. A campaign that truly succeed and the marketing guy was very likely rewarded for this too. Yes, the all-electric G-Class is set to come too. The SUV will roll off the production line in 2024 alongside the combustion engine models. The all-electric version remains fully in the design tradition. Electric bring more off-road capabilities because the G-Wagon is going to use four individually controlled electric motors close to the wheels enabling unique characteristics. Meanwhile, the batteries integrated into the ladder frame ensure a low centre of gravity says the company. Instant power and responsiveness mean the off-road icon is ready to restart its journey as an adventurous car and more than just a lifestyle vehicle.

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