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MG Motor Partners With Jio Gets Eco Friendly And Launches AR/VR In India!

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MG Motor today announced industry-first broad range of connected car features in partnership with Jio Platforms, India’s leading digital services provider. As part of this association, MG Motor India will offer seamless integration of Hinglish Voice Assistant-enabled experiences powered by Jio’s Digital Assets in its newly launched Comet EV— The Smart Electric Vehicle.

The partnership makes possible an array of innovative new-age smart mobility solutions which underscore the car maker’s enduring commitment to building a futuristic urban mobility ecosystem and at the same time facilitating great experiences.

Jio, India’s largest integrated digital service provider, brings next-generation automotive solutions designed to deliver an array of experiences. MG Comet EV customers will benefit from Jio’s innovative assets such as India’s first-ever Hinglish Voice Assistant system integrated with Music Apps, payment apps, connectivity platform, and hardware.


The embedded Hello Jio Voice Assistant has been trained to understand the native Indian speaker who possesses different regional dialects and tonality across India. Hello Jio provides the best In-car voice assistant for Indian users, beyond in-vehicle command and control, with dialogs. Hello Jio’s dialogs provide information about Cricket, Weather, News, Horoscope and many more domains. The user can turn the AC on or off, play songs directly, and even ask for cricket score with simple voice commands. MG Comet EV comes integrated with Jio’s state-of-the-art eSIM which plays a crucial role in improving vehicle safety as it is integrated during the manufacturing process. It further identifies the vehicle and encrypt communications while the vehicle is in operation.

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MG StudioZ, a uniquely immersive experience which leverages the interactive advantages of VR/AR to bring the MG brand closer to all car enthusiasts. MG StudioZ has features such as a digital running façade, video wall configurator, and a mega visualizer with VR/AR zone. MG StudioZ will also feature an array of MG merchandise, allowing customers to express their love for the brand and take home a piece of the MG experience.

MG StudioZ is an initiative that offers a dynamic yet intimate digital environment that resonates with the preferences and aspirations of the modern, urban buyer who is both tech-savvy as well as an auto aficionado. At the inaugural event for MG StudioZ, the company will showcase the recently launched Comet EV, the Smart Electric Vehicle for Urban Mobility, and India’s first Pure-Electric Internet SUV, the ZS EV.

Udit Malhotra, Marketing Head, MG Motor India, commented on the inauguration, “MG’s first Digital Studio in Chennai is an embodiment of the brand’s commitment to digital innovation and customer-centric approach. We are an auto-tech brand and StudioZ fluently echoes this convergence and brings the best in technology and in automobile experiences together under one roof. This studio outlines our vision for the future of automotive retailing. With the growing significance of omnichannel brand presence, digital interfaces such as StudioZ will bring the brand closer to the customer and enhance their buying experience.”

In addition, the store has been meticulously designed with a focus on the younger cohort, incorporating captivating attractions that are tailor-made to engage Gen Z customers. The opening of MG StudioZ marks another milestone in MG Motor’s journey as a pioneer in the automotive industry. As the company continues redefining automotive retail and setting new standards, it remains dedicated to creating exceptional products and user experiences.

MG Motor in collaboration with CleanMax, Asia’s trusted sustainability partner, the car manufacturer today announced that 50% of the energy required for its manufacturing operations is from renewable resources. MG Motor India’s pledge to reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 2 lakh MT over the course of 15 years is equivalent to the positive environmental impact of planting over 13 lakh trees. The brand has already witnessed a remarkable 36% decrease in CO2 emissions, with levels dropping from 0.59 MT in 2022 to 0.38 MT in the first quarter of 2023. This reduction in emissions has resulted in a significant decrease of 2251MT in MG Motor India’s carbon footprint in the first Quarter of this year. Projections indicate that this downward trend will continue, with an estimated carbon footprint reduction of 11889 MT by the end of this year.

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These numbers reflect the brand’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and its resolute dedication to transitioning from carbon neutrality to achieving net zero emissions across both its operations and supply chain. MG Motor India is today one of the few pioneering passenger carmakers to embrace green manufacturing practices and has successfully secured a green energy capacity of 4.5 MW. For the next 15 years, the Halol facility will continue to draw power from CleanMax’s hybrid park in Rajkot, ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy source.

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