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MG Motor To Enter Tier 3 Cities – Ramp Up EV Charging With Epsilon

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MG (Morris Garages), a British automobile brand with a 100-year-old legacy, has announced its network expansion plans in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities and rural market across India. With the goal of enhancing accessibility and bringing the brand closer to customers, the company is set to establish 100 new touchpoints by the end of the year. Each of these dealerships will offer the latest MG models on display, digital configurators, and aftersales support, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for customers.

Commenting on the launch, Satinder Singh Bajwa, Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motor India Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are thrilled to transition into MG 2.0, the next phase of our journey in India. As we evolve with the market, it is essential for us to extend the brand’s network to new territories, ensuring seamless sales and aftersales support. We are working towards introducing 100 new MG dealerships this year, tailored particularly for rural and Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities. We are excited to come closer to our customers in these new territories and providing them with the opportunity to choose and drive their favourite MG car with peace of mind. This initiative reflects our unwavering commitment to enhancing accessibility and delivering outstanding experiences to our valued customers.”

MG Motor India is committed to developing advanced and futuristic products with a huge focus on offering the exceptional sales and aftersales services to its customers. With more than 380 touchpoints in 170 cities, we have established a robust footprint in the country. We currently have 85% market presence in India, with MG service centres strategically located within a 15-kilometer radius, ensuring quick assistance within just 30 minutes. As part of MG 2.0, the brand will stay focussed on strengthening its R&D, expanding manufacturing footprint through extensive localisation. and increasing its annual production capacity from the current 1,00,000 plus to up to 3,00,000 vehicles. From sales & aftersales perspective, the brand aims to attain 100% nationwide coverage and plans to have 520 touchpoints in 270 cities by end of FY2024.

MG Motor To Enter Tier 3 Cities - Ramp Up EV Charging With Epsilon

MG Motor India has also announced its partnership with the Epsilon Group, reinforcing its commitment to the EV charging infrastructure and ecosystem in India. As part of the strategic collaboration, carmaker signed an MoU with two Epsilon Group subsidiaries – Power EV, for charging solutions and LICO, for battery recycling and second-life expertise. The unified framework of this alliance underscores the commitment to developing an efficient charging infrastructure and battery lifecycle management that will underpin MG Motor India’s EV stance.

Power EV offers a diverse array of AC and DC Chargers, which accommodates charging speeds from 22kW to 120kW with Power Panel Management Software, that empowers usage of charging stations with unprecedented ease and efficiency. As per the agreement, Power EV will provide Custom Charging technology to develop AC and DC charging solutions for charging solutions for MG’s EVs, thereby enhancing the end-user experience. Through active involvement in the MG Charge initiative – deploying 1000 charging points in 1000 days within residential communities and apartments across India – Power EV aims to bolster the existing public charging network by expanding the availability of AC chargers and introducing high-capacity DC charging options. Additionally, this partnership will capitalise on Power EV’s expertise to innovate efficient, smart, robust and state-of-art charging technologies tailored for MG Motor India’s forthcoming EV models.

LICO contributes to battery circularity through end-of-life battery recycling and refurbishing, to recover critical materials like lithium, cobalt, manganese, and nickel for reuse, fostering sustainability. LICO and MG Motor India will together implement strategies for battery repurposing in line with circular economy, focusing on renewable energy storage and ensuring compliance with end-of-life battery recycling regulations. LICO will assist MG Motor India in its Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations by providing comprehensive battery recycling and certification services. Through R&D collaboration, they shall develop a sustainable package to optimise recycling efficiency and repurposing capabilities to derive maximum potential from EV battery recycling. The partnership emphasises the implementation of essential safety standards and traceability in Reverse Logistics for end-of-life battery packs.

As an early mover in the EV space, MG Motor India has focused on developing both the EV ecosystem and the product offering. The carmaker has installed over 15,000 charging touchpoints nationwide, including public and home chargers. Under MG Charge, the company has already installed 500 charging points in 500 days and aims to install 1000 charging points soon. MG Motor India has been unlocking multiple possibilities with its partnerships with industrial players to increase accessibility and provide a seamless customer experience.

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