MG One SUV Revealed – Future Of MG Design To Be Inspired From Here


MG ONE, based on the brand’s SIGMA architecture, is a combination of functional elegance and cutting-edge digital technology. It is the debut of the brand’s new architecture and design language, majorly fashionable and sporty.

The brand’s new architecture can compress the mechanical space of the automobile to the minimum, and develop an interior space efficiency of up to 70%. SIGMA also helps balance the exterior shape and interior space from the beginning, making the interior space layout more in line with ergonomics.

SIGMA is a fusion of machinery and intelligence, which transcends the differences between horsepower and the ability of the software. Based on the concept of new-age intelligence, the SIGMA architecture has expanded the limit of automotive platforms. Through the flexible combination of more than 100 kinds of modules, the architecture design can create a variety of body types such as hatch & notch, sports car, off-roader, SUV, etc., to meet the user’s diversified needs.

MG One SUV (3)

SIGMA provides a larger range of power and torque powertrains, a new generation of engines and more hybrid drive methods. It also empowers MG ONE with powerful chip technology, an active digital ecosystem, advanced electric architecture, and hard-core software technology.

The front face of MG One SUV is a fashionable trim has a three-dimensional sharp design. The grill adopts lightening parameterized design. The radial pattern concentrates the visual center of the entire front face on the MG badge. The tungsten steel electroplated material forms a distinct appearance like a sun. The contrast of light and dark highlights the three-dimensional effect of each flashing cell. The passionate “bubble orange” exterior paint endows MG ONE with unlimited imagination and power at the first glance, revealing a strong sense of action and strength.

MG One SUV (1)

MG One SUV Sporty trim follows the aggressive style, with a shark-hunting front face and the parameterized gradient elements showing a strong three-dimensional pattern. Each section of the grille is independently designed, providing more possibilities for users’ personalization and modification. The matte and delicate “wilderness green” exterior colour makes MG ONE Sporty trim full of tactile sensation and combined with the exaggerated gunmetal grey family-style MG grille.

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