Modified Pulsar 200 NS Looks Gothic, (Thanks To Z1000) Engine Bored to a 350cc!

Modified Pulsar 200 NS Looks Gothic, modification in every single area of the bike, engine is said to be double than stock!!

Modification is a major part in Indonesia and other Asian countries. It is carried as normally as breathing. We have seen these modifications in the past and they are really tempting to get your hands on. Thanks to countries like these and access of parts and motorcycles to them, which even we don’t have despite being a superior country and better economy. These guys are purely passion driven and come up with stuff of wildest dreams (Not the Taylor Swift one).

Pulsar, here in India started the modification craziness and we have seen some serious action here too. This on the other hand takes it to the next level. Pulsar 200 NS modified here has parts taken from superbikes and other bikes that we don’t even seen in our country.

The Z1000 headlight, the tall windscreen, the meters are from the Honda Grom (We get Navi, ya right) and there are host of practical features which are made to look good too. Golden levers, carbon finished handlebars, with again, golden color bracket can be seen. The entire subframe has been changed on the outside to accommodate a different type of seating arrangement seen on superbikes.

A large exhaust along with a humongous engine belly fairing can be seen here. The black and red paint scheme makes it look really sinister indeed. Petal and large discs brake than stock can be seen here. Monoshock at the rear is gas charged unit which has a remote knob just like bigger bikes that we have seen here. 180 section tyres instead of 130 at the rear. Completely clean and crisp rear unit with tail-lights changed and mounted seamless into the tail-piece makes it look purposeful. Overall, the only thing we see stock here is the fuel tank and suspension at the front. Have a detailed look for yourself in the pictures below! Thank us later!

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