Multiple Kia Seltos Color Options Listed – Launch on 22’nd August


Multiple Kia Seltos Color Options Listed – Something which includes whole host of options.

Kia is jumping start the mid-size SUV segment just like its cousin Hyundai did with the Creta. The endless feature list on option which seems to have everything you would ever need and more to keep the car future ready is here. Kia is, but, also known for its great design at the same time. The tiger inspired front end and the overall shape and size over the Creta is larger and looks far more attractive and snazzier. The colors play an important role in the design aspect and there are a lot of options. There is a white car with orange roof and an orange car with white roof when it comes to dual paint scheme. There are solid color scheme to choose from too. Kia Seltos Color list is as below.

Intense Red
Aurora Black
Pearl Glacier White Pearl
Punchy Orange
Intelligency Blue
Gravity Gray
Steel Silver
Clear White
5 Dual tone colour options
Intense Red with Aurora Black
Pearl Steel Silver with Aurora Black
Pearl Glacier White Pearl with Aurora Black Pearl
Steel Silver with punchy Orange
Glacier White Pearl with Punchy Orange

Kia Seltos has become the most awaited SUV in a long time after its cousin itself. The manufacturer expectations are being crossed with the kind of brand recall a brand new manufacturer is getting in the Indian market where reliability, trust and legacy play a huge role. Kia says they will have 250 dealers at launch to cater customers. Kia has a renowned brand worldwide is also helping them reach corners of the Indian market. Digitalization has also played a huge role getting Kia all the numbers they look forward too. 6000 plus bookings within weeks of annoucement is a great number to begin with. Kia Seltos is getting all the attention because it offers 3 engine options 4 gearbox options to choose from which have segment best power, torque and fuel economy numbers as well. Stay tuned for a drive report and launch on 22’nd August which will reveal everything.

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