New 3M Car Care Shampoo Introduced – Maintains Gloss and Shine And Prevents Damage


3M Car Care Shampoo prevents damage that is caused from normal soaps and detergents

As enthusiasts cars are such important aspects of our daily life. However it is one thing we don’t really tend to pay attention completely. Unless it requires servicing, cleaning or we need it for a road trip over the weekend! Detailing is a part a few of go ahead as it can be a tedious task. The cars are often exposed to dusty streets and muddy streets in our city. An unclean car will eventually attract dirt and grime that can damage it’s interior and exterior over time.

3M Car Care Shampoo is said to work in all situations with any kind of water. General soap solutions / detergents may contain harmful chemicals which can damage the paint and remove protective layer (wax/ protect-tant) and leaves white streaks once water drains off from the surface. However, 3M car wash shampoo, as we know is made by the company who specializes in car care items. The shampoo does not leave white streaks on to the surface, thanks to its PH balanced, Easy Rinse-off Formula.

3M Car Care Shampoo generated high amount of foam even in hard water as well when compared to other products. It is pH balanced formulation is safe on paints and hence minimal or no wax/ protective coating removal from the paint surface. 3M shampoo enhances the gloss level too. The shampoo can safely be used once every week to retain the gloss of the car.

3M Car Care Shampoo

The 3M Car Care Shampoo works with soft and hard water and its easy rinse foam removes tough dirt and grime. As compared to other products, 3M Car Wash Shampoo generates high amount of foam even in hard water. It is the pH balanced formulation safe on paints and hence minimal or no wax/ protective coating removal from the paint surface is required. 3M shampoo enhances the gloss level of the car by subtle margin, something that is claimed by the company. If the dirt is too tough, one can pour some undiluted shampoo on it. For every 3 liters of water, only 20-25ml of shampoo is needed. Quick tip from 3M suggests that one should try washing your car under shade always.

Priced at MRP Rs. 223/- for 250 ml bottle, Rs. 396/- for 500ml bottle and one Liter for Rs. 631/-, the 3M’s Car Care Solutions are affordable and is upto global standards and approved by leading automotive OEMS in India. One can find this product easily in all major accessories stores, car paint stores and also more conveniently at select Super Markets & Online portals.

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