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Volvo XC20 Coming Before 2020, Will Rival Directly Against Audi Q2 and Mercedes GLA

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Volvo XC20 is solely coming to take the mass market share in the emerging countries such as India and China

The Swedes are now thinking of bringing a rival for the Audi Q2. No timeline has been given for when we might see the XC20. The baby Crossover will be positioned beneath the upcoming XC40 and will take on the cars such as Audi Q2. Volvo R&D Head, Henrik Green, said the introduction of the XC20 would not come as a problem as the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) can be reduced in length to accommodate it. The chassis can be made smaller and the car’s external dimensions could shrink further by reducing the car’s overhangs-the bodywork that ahead of the front and behind the rear wheels. The company is looking at broad solutions that are affordable.

Volvo’s aim is to put these technologies within the reach of more buyers than is presently the case with the pug-in hybrid models Volvo offers today. The XC20 would use a shorter version of the XC40’S chassis. Volvo already has the platform for a small premium SUV and is close to launching a suitable range of three-cylinder engines. It is being co-developed with Chinese owner Geely for the highly promising XC40 and it will spawn the new generation V40 hatchback as well as a Lynk & Co SUV which will be largely based on the XC40.

The Audi Q2 stands alone in the luxury arena and the opportunity could be used by Volvo with the arrival of XC20. With the new and modern design, new Volvo 1.5 litre three- cylinder turbocharged engine, good fuel economy and great safety features the XC20 is likely to come in vogue. As such, the new ’20 series’ models will be loaded with the same kind of high-end technology that’s fitted to the firm’s larger models, but in a more city-friendly package.


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Apurva Arvind Ambep
Apurva Arvind Ambep
Dear heavenly spirit... Thank you for providing us with direct port nitrous injection, four core intercoolers, ball bearing turbos and..umm titanium valve springs. Thank you !!! Love is in the #Boost

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