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New TVS Eurogrip Factory And Litre Class Tyres Incoming By 2025-2026

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TVS Eurogrip in a meeting with journalist during its annual Tread Talks season told the press that there is a new factory opening up along with a new Litre Class motorcycle tyres are incoming. What we saw and tested this time were Roadhound tyres meant for middle weight motorcycles in the 500cc-900cc category. They are in all sizes such as 120 at the front and 160 and 180 section at the rear. The superbike tyres will be 180, 190 and 200. There could be 220 and 240 section tyres incoming as well to serve the bigger cruiser motorcycles from Harley Davidson and the Ducati Diavel for example. TVS Eurogrip who is working on many things told us that these tyres are incoming by late 2025 or early 2026.

New TVS Eurogrip Factory And Superbike Tyres Incoming By 2025-2026 (3)

To meet all that production needs and since the current factory is running at full steam, a new factory plans are well underway. We saw during our trip to the company’s Madurai facility and compared notes that from last time, almost 5 years ago, there has been significant expansion.

These two steps at TVS Eurogrip will take the brand higher as in the last decade the company has made a substantial increment in quality, production, quantity and various products that have been launched. TVS Eurogrip has become a default choice for a lot of OEM’s and customers alike.

New TVS Eurogrip Factory And Superbike Tyres Incoming By 2025-2026 (2)

The Protoq series which were made for 300-500cc motorcycles already doing well for the company. TVS is now confident they want to be in every segment possible and increase their market share and again complete dominance against all its peers. TVS Eurogrip is one of the few companies with a global ambition and is already reached 80 countries worldwide. Covering most of Europe and almost all of Asia, the brand wants to offer every possible size to OEM’s and customers. In India it is ready to gain dominance soon, outside India, it plans to take a significant market share from brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Vredestein and others.

New TVS Eurogrip Factory And Superbike Tyres Incoming By 2025-2026 (3)

The focus on engineering and performance of the tyres being good in every segment has given the confidence to the brand to expand in all areas. Be it supply to customers or OEM’s. TVS Eurogrip are now on the path to be suppliers to Litre Class Tyres around the world and could well be coming as OEM’s as well. Something that will be a proud moment for the the brand and the country. We have more news and a review of the Roadhound tyres coming in soon. Stay tuned for more details.

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