Next Generation Pulsar 250 and Avenger 250 Coming By 2020

Recent Forbes Interview of Rajiv Bajaj says that new Pulsar should be here by 2020. We already know that these are in the making

There is some good news in store for all the Pulsar fans. When Bajaj Motorcycles India introduced the new 2018 Pulsar range, there were reports of an all-new 250cc series as well. Later on as the speculations grew, the news finally broke out that Bajaj will be launching an all-new Pulsar 250. But before you get excited there are few things we would like to tell you.

Firstly, Bajaj is making this move to make the Pulsars comply with the BSVI norms and this will also serve to introduce new bikes which will better cope up with the increasing competition. The Pulsar 180 too is undergoing the same treatment and could be replaced by a 200. Currently, the largest capacity Pulsar is the Pulsar 220, which is ageing and needs replacement. Bajaj’s NS range is still selling by a good margin and now also has ABS.

It is the entry-level premium segment that Bajaj is now planning to focus on. This segment already has two bikes – the Yamaha FZ25 and the KTM Duke 250. The Duke 250 commands a premium due to its advanced hardware and software and that leaves a vacancy which Bajaj is planning to exploit. But that is also where intricacies begin. Bajaj already has the RS positioned between the above-mentioned bikes, and the introduction of a new 250cc bike could spell doom for the RS. Therefore it is crucial that Bajaj plays it safe.

And no we aren’t done yet. The new generation Pulsar will be an all-new model with new chassis, different design, new equipment and new features. It will also get ABS as per our Indian norms. And because of the new stricter emission laws, this new Pulsar will also feature Fuel Injection for a cleaner and greener running.

Oh wait! We have some more scoop for you. Apart from the new Pulsar 250, Bajaj is as well planning to upsize its Avenger range. The Avenger too will be upsized to 250cc and that will be an added bonus for Avenger fans looking for more power without sacrificing practicality and efficiency. What this means is that the Avenger 220 could be taken off from production, thus making way for its bigger sibling.

Bajaj Avenger Tag FLG

This added capacity will also equate to relaxed highway touring, which will hike the Avenger’s appeal. Expect the bike to feature FI and ABS as standard. Also on the cards will be features that will set it apart from its rivals, like the UM Renegade and Commando cousins. We wish that this particular Avenger comes with a bigger fuel tank so that its range is improved. As before this new Avenger will be launched in two different variants – the Street and the Cruise. When launched, the Avenger 250 will eat into the market of these bikes and thanks to Bajaj’s backing it will also be easy on the wallet.

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