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Nissan Products Variants Strategy Changes, Open Dealership In Puducherry

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Nissan Products Variants Strategy Changes, Open Dealership In Puducherry. All of to make sure it reaches the masses well and remains profitable

Nissan in India has been constantly making changes to the way it performs well in the country. After opening dealerships one after the other, the time has come to cut loose ends focus on tough parts. Nissan has now extensively revised the strategy when it comes to offering variants to customers. There have big changes and there have been small changes. The major changes are for the running model aka the Micra in both forms.

Micra base XE and top XVP diesel trims have been discontinued. The petrol versions are devoid of a manual gearbox and only come with the CVT. Want the manual? Get the Active which comes with the same engine and is lighter and fuel-efficient. The XVP trim was the trim that was offering four airbags is gone now. Driver airbag is standard on base variant and dual airbags are standard on all variants above it.

2016 Nissan Micra Variant and Prices

Micra XL Automatic (P): Rs 5.99 lakhs
Micra XV Automatic (P): Rs 6.80 lakhs
Micra XL (D):Rs 6.49 lakhs
Micra XL(O) (D):Rs 7.03 lakhs

2016 Nissan Micra Active prices

Micra Active XL (P): Rs 4.56 lakhs
Micra Active XV (P): Rs 4.84 lakhs
Micra Active XV S (P): Rs 5.39 lakhs

The Sunny line-up has undergone changes. The Sunny Sedan now comes with the CVT automatic gearbox option now coming with the XV top of the line trim. Talking about diesel, the XV Diesel Premium variant with leather seats has been discontinued and shifted to the petrol variant

2016 Nissan Sunny Prices and Variants

Sunny XE (P): Rs 7.91 lakhs
Sunny XL (P): Rs 8.40 lakhs
Sunny XV Automatic: Rs 10.89 lakhs
Sunny XE (D): Rs 8.80 lakhs
Sunny XL (D): Rs 9.46 lakhs
Sunny XV (D): Rs 9.93 lakhs
Sunny XV premium safety diesel: Rs 10.46 lakhs

The Nissan Terrano looses 85 PS XL, 110 PS, XL 110 PS XV diesel variants. The variants that left are base petrol and base diesel which start at the same price. Customers are only left to choose from one 110 BHP diesel which is clearly hot favorite when it comes to choosing the Terrano.

2016 Nissan Terrano Prices and Variants

Nissan Terrano XL (P): Rs 9.99 lakhs
Nissan Terrano XE (D) 85 PS: Rs 9.99 lakhs
Nissan Terrano XL plus (D) 85 PS: Rs 11.69 lakhs
Nissan Terrano XVP (D) 110 PS: Rs 13.15 lakhs

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