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Off-Road SUV Volkswagen Scout Could Be Incoming Globally Soon

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If the hearsay has to be believed, German car maker Volkswagen is gearing up to resurrect Scout SUV on the Global Horizon very soon in the future. The carmaker has acquired the brand rights recently and according to the speculation, the company is going to launch the brand as a stand-alone name rather than badging its product under VW nameplate. According to the initial teaser released by the company, a pickup and an SUV are in the offing and will make their debut first in the market.

The business rationale behind the launch of this brand by Volkswagen lies in the fact that both off-roaders and retro brands are quickly rising up the popularity ladder. This trend is concurrent with the acceptance that EVs are getting across the globe and by combining these two phenomena, we can very well witness the launch of the Scout Electric SUV in the future. The brand, once launched, will be directly pitted against the likes of Jeep and Ford Bronco, thereby offering customers wider choices in terms of selecting their favorite off-road SUVs.

Off-Road SUV Volkswagen Scout Could Be Incoming Globally Soon
Image credit: Motor-Trend

Volkswagen has already made public its plan of developing a completely new platform that will spawn rugged offerings for the company in the near future. There haven’t been any official details in this regard but we guestimate that the company will be developing anywhere between two to four different Motors for its upcoming product line of products.

VW is also quite aware of the price sensibilities of customers and hence, executives are very keen to keep the cost in check while developing constellation of products under the brand name Scout. In order to compete effectively against the aforementioned competitors, the new SUVs must come up with a long travel suspension system and a rear differential lock with credible off-road capabilities. At the same time, the products must return a decent fuel efficiency that will make it possible for prospective buyers to explore the countryside without worrying about the level of fuel in the tank.

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