PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex Engine Oil Launched For Motorcycles In India


PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex Engine Oil Launched For Motorcycles In India and the company it is 41% better than most of its rivals

PETRONAS Lubricants International is a lubricants manufacturing and marketing arm of PETRONAS, the national oil corporation of Malaysia. Company was established in 2008, PETRONAS Lubricants International manufactures and markets a full range of automotive and industrial lubricants products in over 100 markets globally. Company is Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, PLI has over 30 marketing offices in 26 countries, managed through regional offices in Kuala Lumpur, Turin, Belo Horizonte, Chicago and Durban. The same company, PETRONAS Lubricants, today launched PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™, its flagship range of motorcycle lubricants formulated to resist engine stress and promote a longer bike life. This new range of motorcycle lubricants addresses the requirements of motorcycle riders.

Bike stress often results from severe mechanical stress and high temperature inside the engine. These conditions lead to rattling noise and sluggish performance from the motorcycle. PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™ aim is to address the very issues that motorcycle owners face to provide better riding experience. PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™ Tests confirm oil film strength that is up to 41% higher than the industry benchmark. This should help the engine to endure the effects of load, speed and engine stress without breaking down, while allowing the bike to respond better. The new range of lubricants also offers exceptional deposit control, thus maintaining bike performance and improve reliability.

The overall global market population for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds is expected to reach over 700 million units by 2021 which was said in conducted survey. This category is growing at a rate of 8% per annum and driven mainly from rising economic conditions. Along with lack of public transportation, poor road infrastructure and growth in the young population.

The launch of PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™ aims to tap on this sizeable and growing market opportunity. This marks another milestone for PLI on the back of its strategic aspiration to be among the world’s top 5 lubricants players. The manufacturer is currently ranked among the top 10, PLI is driving an aggressive business growth as a leading global lubricants company. The new range of PETRONAS Sprinta lubricant will be made available globally, in phases, from 30 March 2017.

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