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Pirelli SCORPION Trail III Tyres Revealed Globally

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The new Pirelli SCORPION Trail III represents the latest generation of adventure-touring tyres and are the sportiest ever on asphalt among the SCORPION family of motorcycle products.
Designed for modern adventure and crossover motorcycles, which are very versatile and can be used in different contexts, the new SCORPION Trail III is the result of the latest developments, in terms of technologies and materials used, by Pirelli’s Research and Development Department.

The SCORPION name immediately clarifies that it belongs to the range of Pirelli products intended for off-road use, also in two- and four-wheel competitions such as the Enduro World Championship and the Motocross World Championship in which Pirelli has been the undisputed leader for 40 years with 81 world titles won. This is because SCORPION Trail III is a street enduro tyre, therefore a product mainly intended for use on asphalt, but which also allows you to tackle routes on dirt roads.

On asphalt, the SCORPION Trail III tyres are able to offer the motorcyclist very sporty behaviour, thanks to the high levels of grip and optimal handling, excellent stability even at full load and wet performance similar to that of a Sport-Touring tyre. When you abandon asphalt in favour of dirt roads, the constant alternation of the central and transverse grooves under the footprint provides control and traction.Finally, another advantage offered by SCORPION Trail III is the notable acoustic comfort (minimizing road noise) which doesn’t detract from road riding pleasure.

The tread design of SCORPION Trail III is an evolution of that of its predecessor SCORPION Trail II with the aim of improving stability and riding precision.To achieve this goal, the winning scheme of the characteristic design of the DIABLO sport range was revisited and integrated in a street enduro product. The grooves on the central band, which are inspired by the eye-catching and iconic FLASH present in the DIABLO range, allow for wet drainage and lateral riding stability on softer terrain, while providing even wear.

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Finally, the integration with robust central grooves for traction and shoulder grooves has been designed to offer good guidance and traction even on dirt roads.
These tricks have allowed SCORPION Trail III to increase the land/sea ratio compared to its predecessor, thus offering a greater presence of rubber in contact with the asphalt and, consequently, an advantage in terms of road performance.

SCORPION Trail III offers new compounds, for the radial sizes always 100% silica based for both the front and rear, for excellent performance on both wet and dry surfaces. The rear dual-compound radials use a soft compound on the shoulders and use various plasticising resins that optimise cornering grip. The harder compound in the central tread band is similar to that used for the front tyre and has been designed to offer high stability, wear resistance and mileage.

The structures of the fronts derive from the supersport experience and enhance ride and grip; in particular the radial sizes boast a construction with a 0-degree steel belt which provides excellent stability even at high speeds. The highly rigid structures of the rear tyres allow sporty handling in all applications and give high stability in all load conditions.

The profiles derive from Pirelli’s experience in Sport Touring tyres with a multi-radius approach that provides stability at high speeds, high mileage, and a sporty feeling with progressive behaviour.
The table shows the sizes envisaged for SCORPION Trail III which will be available for sale during the the first half of 2024, except for the front sizes 120/70 with 19″ fitting and rear 170/60 with 17″ fitting which will arrive in the second half.

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