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Pulsar P150 Vs XBLade 160 Vs FZ16 Vs Apache RTR 160

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Bajaj Pulsar P150 has recently got its market launch in India. The newest contender in the highly competitive category comes equipped with a brand-new engine and lower curb weight compared to Pulsar 150. In this specification comparison review, we pit the new Bajaj against its established rivals to find which one of these motorcycles comes on the top:

1) Engine and performance: Bajaj P150 utilize a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine to put out 14.5 hp although it lags behind Apache RTR 160 2V which produces 16.04 hp of max power. Honda Xblade 160 makes 13 hp while Yamaha FZ stacks at the bottom with 12.4hp of power output. In terms of the max torque, Hero again dominates the comparison chart with 14Nm of rotational force on offer. All four motorcycle here comes with a two-valve configuration and utilizes a 5-speed gearbox to channel the power to the rear wheel.

2) Brakes and Suspension: Telescopic forks up front and monoshock at the rear is the common suspension system that all the four bikes in this comparison come equipped with. Yamaha has the largest 282mm disc upfront while Bajaj has the dominance at the rear with a 230 mm disc brake on offer. 17-inch wheels are again common to all bikes though Hero and Yamaha have wider tires at both the front and rear ends. Bajaj seems to have focused more on fuel efficiency as it uses skinnier rubber for P150.

Pulsar P150 Vs XBLade 160 Vs FZ16 Vs Apache RTR 160 (1)

3) Dimensions and weight: All bikes here feature 790 mm of seat height although on wheelbase, Bajaj Pulsar comes on the top with a 1352 mm distance between the center of the front and rear wheel. Bajaj has also got the largest 14 liters of fuel tank but when it comes to the ground clearance, TVS wins hands down with 180mm of its belly off the ground. Yamaha is the lightest bike (135kg) in the comparison while the Bajaj is the heaviest tipping the scale at 140kg.

4) Feature Front: Apache is the most generously equal to bike boasting a fully digital cluster, Bluetooth connectivity, and navigation capability, among others. TVS has also equipped Apache with ride modes that alter the power and torque characteristics to deliver performance according to requirement. In comparison, Bajaj offers LED projector headlamp and part-digital instrument cluster to prospective buyers. Honda and Yamaha are averagely equipped and are no match for the features offered by TVs.

Pulsar P150 Vs XBLade 160 Vs FZ16 Vs Apache RTR 160 (2)

5) Price: At Rs 1.13 lakh, Yamaha comes across as the best value for money. In fact, at this price point, you get both front and rear disc brakes as a standard part of the equipment. Bajaj is cheaper than the Honda X-Blade outshining it easily with its superior ability of riding and value. TVS is the costliest bike here and is priced at Rs 1.24 lakh but remember it’s also the most comprehensively equipped machine in this comparison. The Pulsar P150 makes more sense as our riding impressions have shown, Bajaj has come of age and delivered on all counts.

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