Pulsar RS200 With Spiderman Livery Is The Coolest Thing Today!


Pulsar RS200 With Spiderman Livery Is All You Need To Be A Friendly Neighbor Hood Superhero

Modification and motorcycles go hand in hand worldwide. In India we do some ridiculously awesome or super cheesy impressions either done by customers or even dealers at time. The most popular motorcycle we see being used for the job is the Pulsar series which has seen all the modification in the world. It all started with colored or pin stripped wheels to lights all around the motorcycle to make it truly stand out from the others. As we know Pulsar’s are found in abundance on our roads, some people will find it necessary to do so. We have seen the new generation Pulsar to be a part of this story as well as the saga continues.

However, this new type of modification which includes theme livery on certain motorcycles entirely covered with it are taking the highlight. We have seen GhostRider inspired Harley’s, chequered flag inspired scooters and today we have seen this, a RS200 with an Spiderman theme.

Pulsar RS200 With Spiderman livery does look rather flashy and cool and the owners claims it has been done for just Rs. 500. The front end of the motorcycle does look rather interesting as it is the highlight as the large spider dominates the front fairing. The base motorcycle color used for the job is the obvious red. The overall styling and the rear hasn’t been changed much but the owner has modified the LED DRL and projector light with red color to further enhance the Spiderman theme.

We think Pulsar RS200 With Spiderman livery is a bit overdone, but that was necessary to get this job just right. We have seen many RS 200 modified with different paint schemes and other livery used for the job, but this one is unique and does look rather interesting and tempting to, if we were a RS200 owner. What do you think? Let us know!

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