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QuikrBikes is an online classifieds platform that helps customers buy and sell all types of motorbikes.

QuikrBikes has the largest inventory of consumer and Quikr inspected bikes on the platform along with feature comparisons across models. QuikrBikes also offers insurance services, RTO assistance and a localized discovery module that displays recently posted and trending two-wheeler models around a particular location.

QuikrBikes today announced trends in the pre-owned two-wheeler segment in India. Based on the Y-o-Y trends, QuikrBikes witnessed an increase in the demand for pre-owned bikes in mid-capacity and performance bikes in metros. Due to rapid urbanization, mobility in Indian cities have become an issue of convenience. It’s an everyday struggle to beat the traffic in public transportation.

Through its offerings like certified bikes, Quikr is helping people of India access, discover and transact for the products they always yearned for in a safe and secure manner before getting it delivered! Certified means refurbished goods by Quikr. These products (including the bikes) go through series of checks before being listed on the platform.


This also reflects well with Indians’ affinity towards buying two-wheelers which has been significantly growing over the past many years. With almost every household owning at least one two-wheeler, it has been helping people commute to and fro work, manage short distance travel, run quick errands, etc. Adding to this, there are businesses created around renting of these plus businesses that rely heavily on it to fulfil their needs.

Few trends that are seen on QuikrBikes:
There is a high demand for pre-owned bikes such as:
TVS in commuter segment
Bajaj in mid capacity segment
Harley Davidson in performance segment
Among performance bikes, Suzuki Hayabusa was the most searched bike with 87% Y-o-Y increase.
In mid-capacity segment, Bajaj being a homegrown brand, witnessed 43% increase with Pulsar 200ns being the most searched bike.
In the commuter segment, people are investing in Honda as a brand while buying on QuikrBikes.

But, gone are the days when two-wheelers served only limited purposes. Today, there are many stories from the road that bike enthusiasts share. It shows how travelling in bikes through cities across the country has become a significant trend. True to that, here are some of the pre-owned two-wheeler trends that is witnessing the highest demand on our platform:

2018 Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500X and 350X (1)

QuikrBikes has seen steady growth in the sale of Royal Enfield bikes. Being one of the first two-wheelers to be introduced in India, it is known for its classic look and its legendary ‘dhak-dhak’ sound. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that: Except in Mumbai, there’s an increase in the availability of Bajaj Pulsar 150 in metros like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune on QuikrBikes. The demand for bikes priced greater than 10Lakhs on the platform has grown faster in metros in the last one year. Based on QuikrBikes data, it is clear that brand plays an important role when one is looking at invested in pre-owned bikes.

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