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Revolt RV400 Review, First Ride

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Taking a new initiative Revolt has launched RV 400 and RV 300 electric bikes in India on a subscription basis. Customers can purchase the base-spec RV 400 at Rs 3,499/month while the top variant can be had at Rs 3,999/month (both subscriptions are for three years period). In addition, the company has also introduced RV 300 model at a subscription of Rs 2,999/month for a three years time period.

Bookings for the bike had already started on June 25, 2019, and deliveries are expected to commence from September 2019 onwards. The official launch of the bike will take place in Pune followed by the launch in other metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Nagpur, and Ahmedabad among others.


According to the Revolt, these plans will provide full ownership experience to customers right from day one and there is no need for a down payment in any of the above mentioned cases. In the case of RV 400, the difference between the base variant and top-spec model are features of artificial exhaust sound and start-stop function. Both of these functions are available on top-spec RV 400.


The ergonomics are adjustable with adjustable footpegs on offer. The cluster shows all the information such as riding modes, temperature, odometer, speedometer, tachometer, trip meters, amount of charge for the battery and more. The unit is a black and white screen. We expected to see a color screen here.

RV 400 has comparatively bigger motor, i.e., 3kW putting out 50Nm of rotational force. The bike features USD front fork and monoshock rear suspension system with stopping power provided by disk brakes at both front and rear end. In terms of range, RV 400 is capable of covering 156 km in a single charge. You can charge the bike at home with the help of 15A plug although weighing at 19kg, the battery feels a bit on the heavier side. RV 400 is sharing the platform with Super Soco TC Max.


Another interesting feature on both the bikes is Revolt mobile app which allows the user to do so many things virtually. One can track the bike, get the information about the past trips, and even can virtually start the motor from the app. The prowess of Artificial intelligence is clearly visible in the case of both bikes with technology allowing prediction of problems that your bike could face in the future.

The app has also a geofencing function which can be used for restricting the functioning of the bike within a particular parameter. Revolt will offer the connected helmet as an accessory which the company has designed in partnership with Google. Using this helmet, a rider can start the bike with the help of a voice command.


Looking at the motorcycle in person we saw the quality was good enough at the price. The welds could have been better. We have already told you how it looks like in our previous reports. Sporty, short and stubby design with flush sitting elements all around make it a good motorcycle to begin with. Since we are done with the details, we can also tell you how is it to ride.


The motorcycle has a tubular frame, upside down forks, adjustable monoshock and an aluminium swingarm. All of this promises good handling and it does. The motorcycle is very agile and nimble. it does feel confident and stable at the same time. Grip from the tyres is good and brakes are pretty impressive as well since the front and rear disc are both rated at 240 mm. There is no ABS but CBS is offered by Revolt Motors. The power modes work well. Eco mode gets less power so you can enjoy the bike at full throttle in the city.


The road opens up and you can switch to normal and if the roads opens up even more and you are in the mood for some fun, switch to sport mode. In sport mode, the throttle is a bit jerky and the sound from the speakers amplifies and gives you a experience which is different yet conventional at the same time. Revolt told us that the power modes can be adjusted as well. You can get more power in normal and eco modes if you wanted.


However, the range in these specified modes would also change with the increased power output. Shaft driven motor is smooth enough and throttle response is good. However, what is different in terms of riding is the fact that the moment you touch the brake, the throttle is cut off for regeneration of battery, so the habit of using brakes and throttle that we all have by a small margin, needs getting used to.

Revolt RV400 Review, Verdict


Our first impressions have been short but sweet enough to understand the RV400 is a potential game changer. Not just the product but the whole exercise of getting a new brand and a new motorcycle with all the support can look forward too. Electric brands need to promise even more things instead of conventional dealership and service network. That is taken care with free service, tyre replacement and long intervals for service of three years.


Revolt Motors goes ahead and a lot offers features and essentials. Revolt also adds something unique to the package in many ways. Most importantly, the sounds coming from the speakers right to offering battery swapping. An all-rounder electric motorcycle with a new brand never seemed this promising.

Revolt RV400 Review
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