Riding In North Korea Video Is Something You Shouldn’t Miss. The Good Side Of Non-Modernization


Riding In North Korea Video depicts something you never thought would happen. Far away from modern world, it has its own charm

It isn’t a dream to travel in a dictator driven country, but the untouched part of in majority of the country, which still hasn’t seen modern technology or interacted with modern people all these years, should take you closer to mother nature. The old folks from New Zealanders decided to take their adventure motorcycles in the year 2013 and entered from the Russian border. Their GPS was confiscated along with many other types of equipment and they were given an escort throughout the country just so they do not break rules of the country which are very strict. Yes, we are talking about people who dared Riding In North Korea.

A high-end restaurant and five-star hotel service have been seen without a bed in this video. Truly remarkable moments are captured on camera and going by the whole video, they were told not to film in certain areas. In this brief video, it shows the beauty of the untouched mother nature is breathtaking. Some of which looks like a painting of a child! They received a tremendous welcome in South Korea from the press asking about the journey. Enjoy the video and read what they have to say below.

“For the past decade, New Zealanders Joanne and Gareth Morgan have been living the semiretired lifestyle of their dreams, traveling around the world on motorcycles alongside a few of their closest friends. They’ve traversed all seven continents on their bikes, with routes as varied as Venice to Beijing, Florida to northern Alaska, and South Africa to London, just to name a few. Gareth funds his own trips, many of which he uses to pursue philanthropic endeavors, particularly in the social-investment space. He is able to do so with money he’s made as an economist and investment manager—one who has earned the reputation for criticizing unethical practices in New Zealand’s financial-services industry.

In late August, the Morgans embarked on their most ambitious journey yet, at least physically. The real journey began years ago, when they decided they wanted to ride the Baekdudaegan, a mountain range that stretches the length of North and South Korea’s shared peninsula. After countless hours of negotiation and coordination with both governments, they were granted permission. It was, the Morgans believe, the first time anyone’s ever traveled through both countries like that since the partitioning of Korea in 1945. By making the trip they hoped to demonstrate how Koreans can come together over what they have in common. To symbolize this, the Morgans took some stones from Paektu, a holy mountain in the North, and brought them to Hallasan, a similarly sacred peak in the South.

Joanne and Gareth shot the entirety of their trip, the footage from which they have graciously allowed us to cut into a short film that will premiere on VICE.com this month. In some ways, the footage makes the Korean coast look alternately like California, China, and Cuba. It’s a beautiful view few foreigners have seen, and even if planning the road trip straight through the Demilitarized Zone required working within parameters set by the highly choreographed and restricted confines of North-South Korean diplomacy, this was a journey worth documenting from start to finish.”

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