Royal Enfield and Happy Socks Spawn One Of a Kind Continental GT and Ofcourse, Socks


Royal Enfield and Happy Socks Spawn Men’s Apparels and distinct looking Continental GT which looks like a ‘cute cafe racer’

This is something you don’t see happening everyday. Royal Enfield, one of the world’s oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production and Happy Socks, a leading European brand for designer socks and men’s undergarments, have come up with the most unexpected collaboration. The collaboration comes to life in form of a limited edition, multi-product line capsule collection of apparel & accessories for men. Stuff like motorcycling jacket, sweatshirts, t-shirts, helmets and a series of socks and boxer briefs are being made available.

The unique collaboration brings together two global, fun and evocative brands to celebrate with the help of Royal Enfield’s café racer – Continental GT. The collection is said to be inspired by the rocker cultural and café racing phenomenon from 1960s, celebrates the spirit of fun that is at the core of both companies. Royal Enfield has its own part. RE has created four limited edition Continental GTs. These motorcycles will be displayed at Happy Socks exclusive brand stores in nodal cities like London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Mumbai.

The design of the apparels are inspired by motorcycling graphic. Happy Socks and Royal Enfield have co-created fun contemporary designs, in form of this limited edition collection that offers you more style. All of this is said to be of high quality standards, craftsmanship and creativity. From the infamous checkered flags to the iconic Royal Enfield insignia it has it all.

Royal Enfield first experiment of creating a limited edition motorcycles (Classic range) inspired by Royal Enfield’s Despatch Rider gear collection that turned to be major success and was sold out immediately. Happy Socks initiative is a same idea but with a twist. This raises the bar of excitement and gives the Continental GT a unique look like despite staying in true tradition.

Royal Enfield and Happy Socks are both known for various type of collaboration . In the past Happy Socks has collaborated with popular international brands and personalities like Billionare Boys Club, Robert Rodriguez, Snoop Dogg, David Lachapelle, Adidas, Barneys New York, Wong Wong, Colette and Kesselkramer, Rolex art project and Manisha Arora, to name a few.

The line of unisex socks and mens undergarments inspired by the collaboration will be available at all Happy Socks stores across the world. The line of limited edition apparel and accessories will only be available at Royal Enfield exclusive gear stores in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru. Online store link RE Store

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