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Six Airbag Equipped Kia Carens Scores 3 Star Safety Rating

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Global NCAP launches the last set of results for the #SaferCarsForIndia campaign under its current test protocols, with the welcome support of the FIA Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies. As from next month the assessment protocols will be updated to include side impact, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and pedestrian protection requirements.

The Kia Carens scored 3 stars for adult occupant protection and 3 stars for child occupant protection.

The made in India Carens was tested in its most basic safety specification, fitted with two frontal airbags, two side body airbags and two side head protection airbags. ESC is also a standard fit in this spec. The Carens was also side impact tested and fulfilled the UN95 regulatory requirement.

During the assessment the Carens demonstrated an unstable structure, marginal protection to the driver’s chest and weak protection to the driver’s feet. Global NCAP noted that the model is still sold with a lap belt in the rear central seating position instead of a three point seatbelt.

Kia+Carens 3 star

The protection offered to the driver’s and passenger’s head and neck was good. The protection offered to the driver’s chest was marginal while passenger’s chest was good. Driver’s and passenger’s knees showed marginal protection as they can impact with dangerous structures behind the dashboard supported by the transfascia tube. Driver’s tibias showed adequate and good protection and passenger’s tibias showed good protection. The bodyshell and footwell area were rated as unstable and they were not capable of withstanding further loadings. The car offers standard SBR for driver and passenger. The UN95 test showed that the car could pass the requirements. All of the above explains the 3 stars for adult occupant protection.


The child seat for the 3 year old was installed FWF with ISOFIX and top tether and it was not able to prevent excessive head excursion during the impact, offering poor protection to the head and fair to the chest. The child seat for the 1.5 years old was installed RWF with ISOFIX and support leg and was able to prevent head exposure during the impact offering good protection to the head and chest. CRS marking was ok. The recommended CRSs did not show incompatibilities. The vehicle does not offer 3 point belts in all seating positions (lap belt in the rear centre position) and ISOFIX anchorages in the rear outboard positions but were not marked according to Global NCAP requirements. All of the above explains the three stars for child occupant protection.

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