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Tata Hexa Tows a Boeing 737 Airplane -Enough Said!

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Tata Hexa Tows a Boeing 737 Airplane for what looks a like promotional activity and obviously boasting of the skills of this SUV!

We don’t think there has been manufacturer who has stood up to the tagline that it has given to its product in recent time. Tata, however, has been doing the same for quite some time. The manufacturer did it for years with its iconic and most loved SUV, the Safari and even today it does it. Tata, however, has done it again as it has come up with a product in this category after a really long time. The Hexa is the flagship product for the brand and it continues with its one of a kind marketing strategy. The manufacturer is one of the largest groups in the world and makes steel and is part of the aviation business as well.

It seems it has combined both today and come up with a unique stunt which seems to be borrowed from its sibling company. Hexa proves its mettle by towing a 79,015 kg heavy 737 plane which is what all of us make our national trips in. Tata Hexa gets a flag off and it begins towing the Aeroplane for more than 200 meters or so and starts of smoothly as it get cheered along the way. The Hexa used for this exercise seems a stock car and could be the automatic variant with 4×2 with the higher the power output of 156 PS and 400 Nm of torque.


We can only speculate these technical details for now as we will wait for the official details to come as this is probably a leak video and official video could be on its way in the next few weeks. Hexa seems to have a good start as the manufacturer dished out over 1400 units of the car in the first month of its launch. Deliveries have begun of the car and we cannot wait to see how the Hexa continues to do in the future as the market has strong contenders waiting for it. Meanwhile, we will continue to look forward to more one of a kind never seen stuff on Indian channels like this from Tata Motors as they will most likely do ‘Whatever it takes’ to go ahead!

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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