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Tata TAMO Sub Brand Presented, First Product To Release Next Month, Future PV plans Unveiled

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Tata TAMO Sub Brand is a unique platform which will make the manufacturer more profitable, efficient and let them gain technological benefits

Tata Motors is all set to get ‘FutuReady’, as it presented its new Passenger Vehicle strategy and introduced its new sub-brand – TAMO. Tata says the new brand will act as an incubating center of innovation towards new technologies, business models and partnerships in order to define future mobility solutions.

TAMO will be an separated vertical will operate in the first step on a low volume, low investment model to provide fast tracked proves of technologies and concepts. TAMO will act as an open platform to network with global startups and leading tech companies, to get access to new trends along with innovations and solutions, for the design of exciting future products and services tend to be offered with it. TAMO will provide a digital eco-system to make sure it meets with challenging and rapidly growing automotive world thanks to digital reach increment.

Tata took the opportunity once again and revealed the short term future plans also. Tata Motors is aiming to be amongst the top 3 passenger vehicles by 2019, in India. It is said that the company will be taking outside-in approach as it has internally reviewed its existing PV product portfolio and devised a new Personal car market strategy based on the evaluation of different customer segments and global progressions in terms of design, technology and as expected, the market needs hatchback and SUV’s.

Tata Motors is set to deliver 7-8 product variants from two platforms, for greater coverage and sizable economies of scale as it make vehicles on two platforms and not from the earlier six platforms that current exist. This will reduce complexity, enables future technologies and ensures global approach for its new products. All of this will help it gain traction in markets worldwide and the new sports car platform is back in action and is set to be unveiled in March 2017 .


Tata Motors has almost finished working on the powertrain systems, ADAS and enhanced connectivity to make sure their future product portfolio is more viable to global audience. Tata has defined the application framework for the same. Our goal is not to just comply with the emerging regulations but be ahead of the requirement.

The automotive industry is facing a dreaded challenge where personal ownership of cars is going to hands of radio cabs and rental cars. Tata Motors has explored opportunities to offer products and solutions catering to the discerning needs the customers will offer new technologies and do provide whatever is required to secure its and help grow the automotive market.

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