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This Yamaha YZF-R3 Khaki Color Is Ready To Take On Desert Warfare

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Yamaha YZF-R3 Khaki Color created by a modification experts look something completely different than the colors that are usually seen on sport bike

Yamaha has a sports bikes manufacturer has been shy of introducing fun into their vehicles. The way they ride and they way the motorcycles look has been something that enthusiast look forward. The stock bikes in every aspect right from performance to paint work is spot on. The reason Yamaha bikes fly of the shelves rather easily than its Japanese rivals worldwide. India market isn’t that far behind. Sure, Yamaha may sell less numbers than any of its rivals and some if, as good as its rivals, there hasn’t been a decision as hard as “whether i should pick up an Yamaha or not”.

Color schemes have been very important to Yamaha and till date, every year, during the festive season, just before the new year kicks in, there are new models in the showroom to lure customers and enthusiast to the showroom. For example, the FZ has had so many color options over the past, if there weren’t books or computers, even Yamaha would have lost the count. Yamaha with the FZ and every single bike which includes R15, Fazer and Even SZ-RR has given us pretty much endless color options to choose from.

R3 is no different but it has been sadly given two colors to choose from. Pure black and Racing Blue to choose from isn’t something typical Yamaha. There is a red color only which did not make it to our shores and the rest of the world also gets three-four colors to choose from. So what happens when something like this happens? In come the modification makers. The guys who are always dreaming, they may be 30 year old but the brain is still 8.

This is what happens when they put everything on the drawing board and then apply it in real life. The Khaki color aka desert color R3 looks smashing like nothing seen before. R3 already has an aggressive lines and body panels, this color suits it just right. The entire body has seen this wrap. The large opaque Yamaha sticker is a cool idea. We did expect a little more decals from it, but apart from that it looks something that is ready to pounce on its opponents. SV Stickers has done a great job! Did you like it? Comment and tell us why!

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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