Toyota India Post Pandemic Exhaustive Plan Ready – Shares It With The Entire Auto Industry


As we find new ways to navigate the impact of COVID 19 on lives and businesses, Toyota Kirloskar Motor today, curated a unique ‘Dealer Operations Restart Guideline’ to educate and empower its dealer partners about the importance and adherence to good safety & hygiene practices, so as to secure all stakeholders from health hazards. Safety is one of Toyota’s key priorities and it resonates in the ways the company has been undertaking to safeguard its employees and other stakeholders. Keeping this in mind and soon after introducing a comprehensive ‘Restart Manual’ as a guide for industries to follow post the lockdown withdrawal, TKM has now introduced a detailed guideline to kick start its dealer operations.

The unique ‘Dealer Operations Restart Guideline’ aims at instilling confidence in the existing and prospective customers about the safety and hygiene initiatives introduced at Toyota dealer outlets, across the country. Given the fact that the withdrawal of the lockdown does not in any way mean the pandemic is over and adherence to good safety & hygiene practices is the only key to keeping the virus at bay, the recovery phase will require unprecedented levels of caution.

In this situation, TKM’s ‘Restart Guideline’ comes in as an all-inclusive reference document highlighting the effective measures that can help in setting the foundation for sustainable growth as business operations resumes to near normalcy after the lockdown is over. TKM’s ‘Dealer Operations Restart Guideline’ suggests Toyota Dealerships about the ways in which they can deal with the current situation, simultaneously encouraging them to follow the norms of the local administration in their respective region.

Giving utmost importance to safety, the ‘Dealer Operations Restart Guideline’ charts out directives for TKM’s dealer network shedding light on the safety protocols for the respective facilities and staff along with recommendations for customer interface during sales and after sales services. The manual focuses on three key areas which include:

Facility and Staff: Maintaining hygiene at customer touchpoints and sanitization of the inside and outside of the dealership premises with minimized usage of air conditioners. Additionally, TKM has also taken steps to maintain social distancing at workplace, recommended usage of face masks and sanitizers, regular thermal checking and formation of a COVID Task Force to address safety concerns and boost morale of the staff. It further educates the dealer staff to address customer queries following the new norms.

Sales: The company’s sales services will also witness a change. Employees are being directed to maintain transparency while communicating with customers and provide video or photo evidence of safety measures followed at the dealership, wherever required. There will be thermal checking and sanitization points set-up at all the entry and exit points, workstations and the premises of the dealerships.


Face masks will be made available with all staff, and avoiding exchange of physical documents will be practiced as much as possible. Product demonstration will also see a change as a whole new disinfection process will be implemented before every demo, to assure customer safety. Masks and gloves will be provided during test drives and the company representative will be directed to sit in the rear seat while the customer drives, adhering to the rule of social distancing.

After sales: Certain measures have also been introduced with regard to the pick-up and delivery of vehicles, these include showcasing temperature certificate to customer during pick-up, disinfecting hands before receiving the vehicle keys. The drop-off of the vehicle will only be allowed once the seats and steering is disinfected while invoices will be shared through emails and Toyota Connect app with digital money transactions. As far the production and washing area is concerned, all staff will wear face masks and gloves during their work hours with all commonly used tool kits being disinfected frequently.

During the intervening period Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has used its years of rich knowledge, expertise and access to global best practices to devise a comprehensive ‘Restart Manual’ as a guide for industries to follow post the lockdown withdrawal.

As a proactive measure, with an intent to support the manufacturing sector, TKM management had put together a team of cross functional experts to go into minutest details of various operations and create a Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) that would ensure the safest possible restart to manufacturing by securing the workers from any health hazards. This manual is in consonance with the broad Government guidelines that have been issued and will be used by TKM, its suppliers and has also been shared as a reference document with all Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) members. TKM also intends to share it with wider segment of Industry through industry association platforms like CII.


TKM’s Restart Manual is an all-inclusive guide for reorganizing and safely resuming business operations to near normalcy after the lockdown is lifted. This initiative will aid the Government, stakeholders and the community at large by creating detailed reference document for the industries to safeguard and ensure the health, well-being and safety of all their employees thereby also enriching the lives of the communities. TKM has already shared the Restart Manual with not just Toyota suppliers but also with ACMA, other suppliers in the industry and is planning to share this manual with other industry players as well.

As a committed corporate, TKM has been studying and observing the evolving situation in the country and is determined to devise simple and practical solutions to arising problems in hopes to help the country and the industry recover from the inflictions of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Toyota Restart Manual PDF Copy

Toyota Restart Manual for Dealers

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