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TVS Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Coming Soon – Company Exports 2000 Units of G310R and G310S A Month

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TVS Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Coming Soon – Could be scooters. Akula launch dates still not announced as both companies continue to export BMW models

Conversations during a result related conference, revealed that the Chennai based two wheeler manufacturer TVS proudly stated that the shipment of the premium sub 500 cc motorbikes from TVS Motor to BMW Motorrad has reached around 2000 units per month. This was stated by the old analysts of the company, in addition to the fact that TVS has shipped around 4,772 units in the last fiscal year. The Chairman of the company, Mr. Venu Srinivasan, proudly declared that the customers will be surprised with the launch of a hybrid vehicle this December and a pure electric vehicle by March, in the following year.

TVS AND BMW’s collaboration is being closely watched by everyone as TVS continues to produce its motorbikes at Hosur, where their manufacturing unit is located. Much sooner, the company will be launching its own version of exceptional and classy motorcycles during the second half of the upcoming year and this was revealed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mr. K.N. Radhakrishnan. BMW Motorrad’s tweets revealed that the G310R AND G310S will be fabricated in a common platform and will be launched in the desi market, closely in the near future.

TVS-Apache-310R-SS-spied (3)

Many reasons like the demonetisation, the sudden shock transition from Bharat Stage III to IV, along with the stringent monsoon have daringly challenged the
domestic two wheeler industry several times, over the last nine months. The sales reports of TVS has been fair as it was given a good helping hand by the scooters, even as it faced intense pressure in trying to sell out entry level motorbikes, though its premium bikes have held on to zero potential.

TVS had then achieved a market share of 13.5 percent in 2015-16 and it reached 14.3 percent during the last financial year. The company’s factories run at a capacity utilisation level of 85% and contracted to touch a capacity of 4.5 million units by the end of the current year.

Electric TVS Juptier Spied-Auto-Expo (3)
Source: ACI

Owing to the highly expected rains, this monsoon, especially in the South, the company hopes to achieve a profit of nearly 1.5 percent in the market share and a double digit EBITDA. Earlier today morning, the company had reported that their capital grew nearly one fifth to rupees 3,799 crores during the June quarter and PAT of rupees 129 crores, which clearly depicts an upsurge of 6.8 percent. The company has also earned around rupees 650 crores due to exports, having shipped out 1.11 lakh units resulting in a 23.7 percent jump.

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