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TVS Patent For Headlamp Will Help Reduce Cost Of Ownership – Find Out How

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TVS Patent For Headlamp Will Help Reduce Cost Of Ownership as the mounting makes sure there are no major parts involved in repairing

TVS Motor Company has got its new design and innovation of headlamp mounting arrangement patent. The new assembly will help protect the front cover of the vehicle from potential damage where a conventional headlight may not.

This innovation can also be applied in three wheelers and all terrain vehicles. With the innovation the weight of the headlamp assembly is transferred to the handlebar of the motorcycle using a sheet bracket.

The new assembly will help improve the life of the front portion of the two wheeler. The repair cost will also come down in the case of an accident. Generally in the case of motorcycle, the headlamp assembly is mounted on the handlebar, while the front covers contains the signalling devices and the rear cover contains the controls. The durability of the lugs and the front cover are adversely affected because of this in the long run, it may slacken and even break as the headlamp assembly fixtures are made up of plastic and tend to break or damage very soon in extreme cases.

The patent office in Chennai, after hearing the matter, said that the patent meets the objections raised in the first examination report and has granted the patent to TVS Motor Company. Due to this new technology the company is quite sure that the structure will improve the fixtures in the front cover of the motorcycle.


With the help of this very new and important innovation TVS Motor Company will surely standout than others in the Indian market as buyers now a days like to have innovative things which stand out and also help them in cost reduction in near future.

As of now there are no confirm reports about whether all the upcoming TVS Motorcycles will carry this newly innovative headlamp mounting technology with them but we can expect it to be on these new models as this will help the company to boost its sales and compete in the fast growing Indian market.

Apurva Arvind Ambep
Apurva Arvind Ambep
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