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TVS Eurogrip Roadhound Tyre Review – A New Benchmark Hard To Beat!

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TVS Eurogrip is one prominent name which started with making premium tyres available for bikes up to a capacity of 400cc and now its new range Road hound is available even for premium naked and sports bikes up to a capacity of 1400cc.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Roadhound is its construction, which is based on the zero-degree steel belt radial, similar to what we have seen in the brand’s Protorq Extremes series. As the name suggests, the steel belts here are placed at a zero-degree angle to the rotation direction of the tyre.

The benefits of this kind of construction accrue in the form of superior traction, better stability, and effective stopping power during the braking process. Further, the addition of Quadrazone on Roadhound enhances the grip by offering extra support to the central and shoulder portions of the tyres. TVS Eurogrip has also used wide groves and large quantities of silica to help riders get uninterrupted feedback from tyres even on low-temperature zones or wet surfaces.

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TVS Eurogrip has gone for rigorous testing for the Roadhound series on various performance parameters in Spain and Austria, in addition to evaluating it at its technical Centre in Milan, Italy. These analyses have been done under the supervision of Mr Toshihiro Wakayama who is an industry veteran with more than 40 years of experience in testing tyres.

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During the circuit test of Roadhound on various premium bikes, we found that these tyres performed extremely well and offered commendable feedback even during hard cornering, aggressive downshifts, and flickering manoeuvres. These tyres remained stable and composed under most of the circumstances, although there was a slight hint of slipperiness or screeches on an occasion of braking and hard downshifts, which is perfectly normal. However, for the most part, these tyres instilled confidence and made us believe that these are right there in the league of the best with their stiffness, grip throughout the entire circumference.

TVS Eurogrip Road hound tyre review (6)

Also, the imposition of import duties on premium tires came as a blessing in disguise, as many local manufacturers took a plunge and started producing premium rubber locally here in India. With a price range starting from Rs 13,000, Roadhound can be easily considered one of the most affordable premium tyres available in India. These tyres offer excellent grip, commendable traction, and thanks to their amazing straight line and cornering stability, these tyres are very much worth your consideration.

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