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Two Americans Stereotype India and Get Impressed Driving The Renault Kwid From Chennai To Mumbai

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Two American Journalist were given the opportunity by Renault to drive Kwid From Chennai to Mumbai

Driving in India isn’t as easy as driving through Mcdonalds and ordering a large meal. One of the two journalists said that he had driven in earlier third world countries and thought he was prepared to drive in India. Ya, right. In India, as we know, everything is an emotion, and so is driving. They are said that they are racing drivers as well. There is a sense of speeding in the video too as they maintained 135 km/hr in a car which is meant for city duties and take a bit of bad roads rather easily with raised suspension. Something that wasn’t mentioned in the entire video.

However, given the task to reach Mumbai to Chennai, one does need to push the pedal to the metal. They encountered heat, lawless riding and driving, cows in the middle of the road, rowdiness and much more. Something they couldn’t gulp down because it is unseen in any part of the world.

While this our daily cup of tea, it isn’t for two American journalists. While most Indians know that the Mumbai-Chennai (Vice Versa too) road is as good as it gets in India given the scenic beauty all around, four-lane roads which allow pushing a bit more, something makes the entire drive a pleasure to do in the first place. Calling their driver a superhero and saying that Narain Karthikeyan (First F1 driver from India) is a coward as he couldn’t ‘possibly’ do what their driver did.

Ahh, this is something that sounds childish to begin with. Guess they deserve the president they have right now. I guess they should do Yoga/Meditation and come back, they would have the capacity to soak in the madness and drive without stereotyping. Wait, did we just sound like them? Atithi Devo Bhava. Enjoy the video and let’s call them back for part 2.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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