UM Chill Scooter Is A Vespa Rival – Are You Ready For Affordable Nostalgia?


UM Chill Scooter Is A Vespa Rival and highlight is going to be a bigger motor and value for money price tag

Vespa range of scooters is quite successful in India despite being priced towards the higher-end of the price spectrum. In addition to retro styling and modern features, Vespa has also achieved the enviable position as there is no other alternative available in the market.

However, this situation is going to change very soon as according to some leaked documents, UM is planning to launch its Vespa-rival, retro gearless scooter in India, named the Chill 150 ABS. The launch is expected before the August 2019.
Chill 150 ABS will be powered by a 150 cc petrol engine.

Front and rear disc brakes will provide stopping power and scooter will receive ABS as a part of standard equipment. UM will offer Chill in four different colors options. Considering the fact that Chill will get retro design theme, it is natural to expect a lot of chrome highlights on scoopter. We expect the chrome to appear on the places like body dream, side mirror, and exhaust. UM is also expected to provide storage spaces on the 2-wheeler – one beneath the seat and another on apron of scooter.

UM-Chill-spied (1)

The pricing will remain key for the success of UM’s upcoming scooter. If Vespa and UM match on the price, former will race away with the advantage owing to its brand awareness and existing sales and service infrastructure. Moreover, customers will prefer to buy the known brand’s product if there is little motivation on the price front.

However, if UM is able to significantly undercut Vespa prices with its new Scooter, it might present itself as a formidable rival to Vespa. The high price differential might inspire customer to try a new brand and can provide a crucial market opportunity for UM to establish itself as main player in 2-wheeler segment of Indian automobile industry.


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