Volkswagen Sells Race Cars To Public For Double The Price


Volkswagen Sells Race Cars To Public Which include the cup race cars such as the Ameo and Vento

To cater the growing niche of racing enthusiasts, VW MotorSports has launched race-spec versions of Ameo and Vento in India. These models cost almost double the price of their standard versions and will only be available for the drive on a race track.

The race-spec versions of the Ameo and Vento will be available in two trim levels – fully-loaded and entry-level. The former will come at a hefty price tag of Rs 40 lakh while the latter can be had at around Rs 24 lakh. When compared against the standard Ameo and Vento retailing at Rs 5.65-10.0 lakh and Rs 7.70-11.60 lakh respectively, these prices seems to be exorbitant especially given the race-spec versions are not road legal, but the fun had would be worth it.

The entry-level Ameo and Vento will have a respective output of 205bhp and 250bhp while their fully loaded versions will deliver up to 300bhp of max power. VW has used 1.8-liter TSI petrol engine which comes mated to a sequential automatic gearbox in both the offerings.

The Ameo and Vento race-spec version will come with some special features helping the cars to meet the special requirements of the racing track. One gets the fire extinguisher, roll cage, KW suspension, harness, and Eibach springs as standard on both the cars. Besides, the cars will get engine management, data logging, and digital instrument cluster to aid the performance.

Ameo-Cup-racing-VW-2018 (2)

Buyers can also opt for aftermarket modifications including going for a MRF’s racing ZLO series tires. It is worth mentioning here that these race-spec versions of Ameo and Vento are not road legal – you can’t drive them on roads. These are specifically meant to be only driven on the race tracks. Currently, MMSC racetrack (Chennai) and Buddh International Circuit (Greater Noida) are the racetracks which allow the owners to race their cars on the tracks.

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