Volkswagen Standardizes ABS And Dual Airbags On Polo And Vento


Volkswagen Standardizes ABS And Dual Airbags On Polo And Vento as it doesn’t wait for the norms to kick in 2018.

Volkswagen, Europe’s leading car manufacturer, today announced something that it has been doing worldwide. Providing safety at any cost as standard throughout its range of vehicles. Safety in India is picking up pace when it comes to critics questioning, government applying new rules and change of perspective for some customers is taking place. Post the crash test where Polo received not so great results, it did make sure that they tested the car with airbags made to the test-rig again.

Needless to say it almost aced the test to more than satisfactory level. Today, VW announces the introduction of ABS as a primary safety feature along with Dual Airbags, as standard fitment for all variants of the Polo and Vento. While other cars in the stable and the new one, which is the Ameo continues to be high on safety since day one. Cars with the new standard fitments (Polo and Vento) are available across all Volkswagen dealerships in India as we speak.


With the introduction of ABS and Dual Airbag as standard fitments, Volkswagen commitment towards India and fulfils the exceptionally high safety standards that are built into the brands DNA since day of inception. The added safety feature of ABS to the Polo and Vento will set new benchmarks in safety and force other manufacturer to do so. Toyota already made this commitment and offering dual airbags and ABS as standard on all cars and all variants.

Volkswagen makes this official while other car manufacturer do the same in one way or the other. Most importantly larger players such as Maruti, Hyundai and Honda have done something, but not at this level. The best part is that the that this does not come at any cost to the customer.

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