Volvo S50 Trademarked By The Company – Could Be A Coupe To Take On Executive German Sedans


Volvo S50 will slot below the 40 and 60 series of cars and will offer unique positioning to its buyers. We can expect a V50 XC50, who knows!

Volvo Motors is right now performing an uphill battle and rigorously testing its very first XC40 compact crossover. The splendid luxury carowned proudly, is being legally approached for possessing the “S50” sobriquet. Right from the beginning, it has to be pointed out thatcertain attractive monikers being competed for by the fellow automakers, has to be legally claimed before anybody else does it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that every time a legal approach is to be followed. Whenever required we have to carry out the necessary action.

Now, there is some sought of cerebration going around us that, the S50 will be a station wagon rendition of the next generation S40 sedan. Well before one asks that what for the letter “C” is used, it is important to state that the proposed S50 would be a four door automobile unlike a two door model, as it was in the case of the C30, well back in 2013. Nevertheless, this is just a presumption.

Yet another rundown is definitely worthy of valuation. Off late, there have been scuttle butts about Volvo’s standalone performance brand, Polestar, is reportedly making up one or two bespoke performance models. The very first of the cluster will reportedly take the architecture of a limousine, producing a torque of 600 horsepower. But as per the rumours, the S50 will be the high powered machine, considering the following automobile will supposedly make its debut later in the year.


Probably, a forthcoming Polestar tweaked Volvo would behold the “S50” moniker. Once again, things are getting juggled around for the credible utilities of the freshly certified insignia.Capital is being confidently shelled out on a snazzy four door coupe model of the next generation S40, which is supposedly scheduled to turn up at some point in the following year and will follow the footsteps of the 40.2 concept delineated here. Mostly, we can expect to see the S50, during the early months of the year of 2019.

Audi A4 and the BMW 3 series have started to sport larger numbers in their names, so that the customers feel that these cars are superlative to the normal sedans. Even Volvo might tread the same path. It is pointless to state that the Germans would certainly feel that the S50 is considerably pricier than the normal S40.

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