Volvo S90 Excellence Is Even More Luxurious Already Impressive Standard Version


Volvo S90 Excellence gets things one can probably imagine in cars twice the price and size with its excellence trim

Volvo is ramping up its production and its ideas recently. All of it started with the flavor of the international market, the SUV, which was the XC 90. It came in hybrid trims, luxury trims and normal petrol and gasoline options to choose from. India got the diesel variant with AWD diesel and later came in the T8 Excellence PHEV petrol trim.

Volvo S90 Excellence basically gets all the bells and whistles Volvo can offer at the moment. All of this includes a rear-seat touchscreen control interface, handmade crystal glasses built by Swedish glass maker Orrefors and a built-in refrigeration compartment to cool beverages. The Volvo S90 Excellence highlights are the comes with the Lounge Console that focuses more on chauffeur driven buyers. The Volvo S90 Excellence has features like, full panoramic roof, foldout worktables, clever storage, heated and cooled cup holders, an adjustable footrest. There is in built-in entertainment system for rear seat passengers.

The rear-seat touchscreen control interface, a built-in refrigerator and handmade crystal glasses made by. Infotainment is served by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that are standard features in the Excellence trim. There is also a provision of a new CleanZone air quality system that employs an ionic air cleaner, a PM 2.5 real-time monitor in the four-zone air conditioning system is combined to make sure air-quality is clean as the mountain air inside the cabin.

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Safety and Volvo go hand in hand. Both models will now hence forth will get Large Animal Detection and the semi-autonomous Pilot Assist system, which will work at speeds of up to 130 km/hr. Volvo, the Geely-owned company has also announced production of the current and future 60-series models will take place in Chengdu, Western China. As for the 40-series cars riding on the new CMA platform will be made in Luqiao, China which is a brand new factory.

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