Volvo XC40 and S40 Concepts RE-Enter Into Compact Luxury Segment


Volvo XC40 and S40 along with new generation of V40 will come in the market as early as 2017 with highly efficient and powerful 3-cylinder engines

Volvo is all set to make re-entry into several segment where the German brands have ruled for the recent years. The entry-level segment of crossovers, hatchbacks and compact saloons from Volvo are seen here in concept forms. Yes, Volvo is getting everything it needs to take a healthily market share from small vehicles in smaller markets and at home base. Volvo promises electric, hybrids, new designs which are bold and unique. It promises technology, efficiency and much more to its customers with these three new cars that will come to India by 2017.

Volvo XC40 and S40 Engine And Specification

Volvo was highly depended on Ford engines in the past and we saw Ecoboost engines rebadged which were old school fun but the new engines are claimed to be insanely efficient and powerful than before. Volvo almost indirectly confirms never to go above four-cylinder engines.

These new 3-cylinder engines will make as much power as four-cylinder and four-cylinder make as much as older 5 and 6-cylinder engines. More power from 3-cylinder will come from hybrid attachments. Power and torque figures are unknown now, but given the fact that XC90 does really well we are sure these new cars will have proper power houses.

2017 XC40 and S40 Design and Dimensions

Concept forms shows the most versatile and most popular model is going to be the XC40 as it will is an entry-level compact luxury SUV which has great potential in the market. S40 however comes after years and looks stunning in the ‘four-door with a boot’ avatar. V40 will be also look similar but it will have even more sleeker and well stanced design language on it.

XC40 and S40 Chassis and Suspesion

Suspending the monocoque chassis with a multi link suspension on all ends and power is likely to go through to the front wheels.

Volvo XC40 and S40 Interiors and Features

Expect class leading features, interiors, quality and infotainment system. Something like that is seen in the new XC 90 and other new vehicles should follow to these three vehicles.

2017 XC40 and S40 India Launch

Expect all three cars to come to India by late 2017 and all three model will be here by late 2018.

Volvo XC40 and S40 Price

Prices should start around the 25 lakh mark for the Hatchback and 40 for the top-end variant and crossover variant should around 30 lakh or so.

XC40 and S40 Safety Features

Everything that Volvo is known for and has will be thrown in as standard safety kit in these three new cars. Expect 8-9 Airbags host of passive safety electronics on board.

XC40 and S40 Competition

V40 Rivals: BMW 1 series, Mercedes A-Class
XC40 Rivals: Mercedes GLA, BMW X1, Audi Q3
S40 Rivals: Audi A3, Mercedes CLA, Upcoming BMW 1 Series Sedan

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