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Top 20 Upcoming Two Wheelers Coming in India 2017-2018


Top 20 Upcoming Two Wheelers include everything right from scooters, commuters to superbikes and middleweight performance motorcycles

Two wheeler market may not be flourishing the way it is supposed to do, but that does not stop manufacturers from making vehicles and launching them in the Indian market or export them wherever the demand exist. The rural market demand for two wheelers was lower last quarter, but it seems to be picking up as the monsoons are on their way and it is expected to erode away the previous two years of drought nationwide. We list down the Top 20 Upcoming Two Wheelers which include scooters and motorcycles that come in different shapes, size and value, which you may think is ideal as your next purchase and something that you have been waiting for.

  1. Anand Nair says

    Suzuki GS150R making a comeback is the best from all these launches/re-launches. I was going to place an order. The fact is the dealership says its still available but will have to be ordered specially with advance payment. So I will wait until it is relaunched. Its a bike not recognized for its smooth engine and quality.

  2. vishak says

    Hi author ,
    When can we expect the relaunch of the unrecognised performer GX150R

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