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Why New Windshield Wipers Are Necessary For Road Trips

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Headlights? Check, Mirrors? Check, Seat Belt? Check, Wipers? Now that’s where most of us get a bit confused. Drivers think that the windshield wipers are one least important parts of a vehicle that needs a regular check-up. That’s where people end up in dangerous situations which can be avoided just by checking a few small but crucial parts of the cars – The windshield wipers. The wipers help you to drive safely and keep you away from any unforeseen incidents on the road. Yes, wipers are as much important as your brakes, car seat belts, or side mirrors.

Our list of best car wipers
When you go to the market to search for the best car wiper blades for your vehicle, you will get a wide range of blades depending on their performance and durability. Brands like OSRAM, Bosch, Michelin Rainforce, Power X, Go Mechanic, , etc all provide some premium quality wiper blades. Let’s check out the best windshield wipers available in the market:

1.OSRAM car wiper blade

The new car wiper blades from OSRAM put an end to the misery of the drivers during various technical shortcomings by their competitors. These wipers have a much longer shelf life suiting your budget and requirements. Several technologies paved a new wave of innovations – rain sensors, interval switches, silicon blade covers, aerodynamically advanced wipers, etc. The blades are manufactured keeping in mind the necessary road conditions that do not degrade easily. Even under harsh weather conditions and after regular use, these blades do not show signs of deterioration and do not leave any missed areas, leave lines of water streaks, or smear the water. These wipers help you secure your vehicle from any real safety hazard by providing a clean screen.

These blades have a silicon variation as well for better durability and performance. They are also customized according to the weather conditions like snow and icy situations providing high-performance visibility. The silicon beading provides a very sophisticated performance to clear off the raindrops without any marks on streams.
The silicon car wipers provide a water beading effect and are quite resistant to harsh summers and UV exposure too. The flexibility of the material creates a superior contact with the curves of the windscreen glass.

Why New Windshield Wipers Are Necessary For Road Trips

2.Bosch Windshield Wipers
Car wipers by Bosch are among the top contenders as it’s quite appealing to shoppers seeking a value-based product for their cars. As easy installation wipers, they come with a double-lock connector but an adapter is required that is not easily available in every type of vehicle.
These wipers are best suitable for winter climatic conditions due to their spring design that creates pressure on both ends of the blade to remove snow from the windshields.

3. Michelin Rainforce hybrid wiper blades
One of the most popular brands among automakers, this brand has created its niche in the market. These blades are available in a painted finish and have quality rubber that provides clear visibility on the road
4. Go Mechanic vision Plus wiper blades
Made with premium quality Japanese leather and coated with lead powder has a high life expectancy compared to its older versions. The premium design of these blades does not deteriorate under harsh weather conditions, thus providing steady durability to the car owners.
5. Power X wiper Blade
This power blade is compatible with low-medium range cars and is quite easy to install or get replaced. It is made using premium quality rubber and plastic, adhering to the OEM standards. The range of these blades on the windscreen is very effective providing superior visibility and is adaptable for locations with heavy rainfall.

. 6. WolkomHome High Performance OE Car wipers
This wiper blade is available with a hook mounting that makes it flat leading to reduced smearing. Due to its OE design, it is easy to install that comes with an exceptional U-type design and elastic extension making it ideal for sports cars.

7. WONLITE’s YoYO Car Wiper Blades
These blades are available in a set of 2, designed in plastic that makes its performance efficient. Their aerodynamically perfect design helps them in providing scratch-proof cleaning, less/no chattering, and squeaking on the windscreen.

8. Goodyear Hybrid car wipers
The car blades from Goodyear provide cutting-edge performance on the windshield with very strong support. They are available at quite a low cost with exceptional quality.
9. Anco 31-Series car wipers
Easy-to-install wipers are stylish and bendable wipers that are highly durable. However, they are not very cost-effective but quality wise they are highly recommended by the automakers.

10. Rain-X Latitude car wiper
With a history of good performance on windshields, they are double-coated wipers. Due to their beam-style design, they prove to be highly durable.

Why New Windshield Wipers Are Necessary For Road Trips

Why OSRAM car wipers are the first choice of automakers?

Wiper blades by OSRAM are one of the most cleanest and urbane types of wipers available and are top picks among the automobile manufacturers in the country. They are considered to be the better performing blades when compared to even most of the affordable wipers on the market. While it seems quite easy to purchase these wiper blades, there are many varieties that you should consider while buying them.
Here are some of the reasons why OSRAM is the favorite among car manufacturers:

• Superior visibility in all weathers – OSRAM guarantees optimum and clear visibility in all weather settings. They can be installed in seconds and are remarkably quiet.

• Plug and play (Universal fitting solution) – Easy to install and suitable for all types of established wiper arms for different cars.

• Flexible and durable – The flexibility of these wipers allows the blade to maintain constant and continuous pressure against the screen, maintaining a better clean.

• Aerodynamically designed – The aerodynamic design of these blades benefits from an aero blade and the strength of a conventional blade provides better efficiency.

Advice – Take it from us
To increase the durability of your wipers all you need to do is to inspect them regularly. How? – Running your fingers across your wiper blades by lifting them is one of the best ways to check their condition. If the rubber feels rough, chipped, or rigid, it’s that time of the year when you will need some new wipers for your vehicle.
Sometimes, the rubber on your wipers might be in good condition but is not cleaning properly, then clean the blades with a wet cloth first and then with a dry one. Do use the windshield washer liquid or wiper cleaning liquid of your choice on a sponge and then clean the blades thoroughly. This will help increase the life of your wipers without spending a single penny on replacements for a couple of more months.

When choosing wipers for your car look into your owner’s manual to understand the measurement of the required blades. You can go to the nearest mechanic or auto-parts store as well to get them replaced. It should be taken into consideration that no matter how hard you clean your windshield before starting your journey, it will always get dirty when on the road, diminishing the visibility. Your wiper blades are the ones that will help you get visibility on the road. Regularly check the condition of your car wipers which will help you to avoid any unforeseen incidents when on the road.

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